BuzzKill: Top 10 Most Overpriced Christmas Gifts

Holiday Edition


1.) iPhone X:

It’s 2017 and the Apple franchise is booming with business. Sure it may be cool at the moment, but as soon as Apple introduces another device, the iPhone X is no longer the hottest item. $1000 for a cell phone?! That’s honestly ridiculous. NO ONE CAN AFFORD IT! Want an overpriced, mass produced, piece of plastic and metal? Buy the iPhone X now!

2.) Legos:

Wow, little plastic blocks! How exciting, am I right? Legos went from basic colored blocks, to cities and people, all made out of legos. Legos used to be 50 cents to $1.00 a dollar when they first came out. Now, Lego sets are as much as $79.99 or more for some plastic blocks that often get lost. Who knew Legos would make our list?


3.) The Barbie Dreamhouse

Every girl’s fantasy house, the Barbie Dreamhouse is always a hot seller around the holidays. Your kids may think this is the best thing ever, however, your checkbook may think otherwise! Coming out at about $164.99, the Barbie Dreamhouse is more of a nightmare than a dream.


4.) Hoverboard

There’s nothing better than getting a bicycle on Christmas day. Once again, it’s 2017, and we’re just too “cool” for bikes. Basically, a segway without handlebars (seems safe, right?), hoverboards have become nothing but a stupid trend of 2017. Why call this a hoverboard when it doesn’t even hover? Not to mention, people users have reported that they’ve caught on fire while charging! Talk about a hot item. It doesn’t help that it can cost anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars.


5.) Furby’s

What do you do when you run out of toy ideas? You simply bring back one of the creepiest toys of the 80s and 90s. With a ridiculous price up to $150, the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed “Furby” has made a comeback. Meant to be more cute than creepy, their price sure is horrifying.


6.) VR (Virtual Reality)

What the tech is going on with virtual reality?! Hate to burst your bubble (Just kidding, not really), but it’s just a pair of goggles that you put your phone in to see a glitchy screen of some poorly animated CGI scenery. Don’t get me wrong, there are some really cool VR goggles that can really make you feel like you’re in a new destination. If you want a decent pair of VR goggles, they’re in the price range of $500.00 or more! If that price doesn’t bring you to reality, I don’t know what will.


7.) Fingerlings

There’s always a gift that everyone goes out of there way to buy, but going as far as pushing and shoving in line at the stores, and clearing the shelves completely, is ridiculous and barbaric. It isn’t the price of the toys themselves, it’s the fact that there are only a few being produced, and the price has been inflated to as much as $100 each!


8.) Build-A-Bear

The iconic bears that started it all have always been a holiday favorite. These cute stuffed-friends are so much fun to stuff and dress, but what isn’t fun is their inflated price tag. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on

these little toys.


9.) Furreal Roarin’ Ivory The Playful Tiger Pet

What would Christmas be without the moving, talking, stuffed animals? This is one of the most-wanted toys of the 2017 holiday season, however, for what it is, it sure is overpriced. Furreal though, what were parents thinking when they spent $129.99?!


10.) Bentley GTC Kids Rideable Car

These little look-alikes are almost the same price as the real thing! Just kidding, they aren’t, but these Bentley kid coupes are in the price range of $249.99-$599.00. But don’t get bent(ley) out of shape about the price, it isn’t as much as the real thing!