BuzzKill: 5 Reasons Mr. Scalia IS the actual Grinch


Prestley Irvan, Entertainment Editor

*Disclaimer: This is in no way, shape, or form meant to hurt anyone’s feelings and this is simply a running joke here at Marco Island Academy and is for entertainment purposes* 

1. The Way He Stands: The Way Mr. Scalia stands is a spitting image of the way The Grinch stands. Don’t believe me? Check out the picture!





2. His Smile: If you really pay attention to the way Mr. Scalia smiles, see how scarily similar the Grinch smiles.




3. His Hair: Ever notice Mr.Scalia’s spiked hairdo? Where does he get that from you might ask? Why, none other than the Grinch of course!




4. His Lair: Yes, it has been proven that The Grinch lives on Mt. Crumpit in his own little “man cave” full of gadgets and goodies that help him stay happy. Mr. Scalia’s classroom is full of materials for all his classes and is where he gets everything done.




5. His Mannerisms: Don’t get us wrong here, Mr. Scalia is a great teacher and the MIA family loves him dearly, but everyone has their bad days and sometimes we all get a little…Grinchy! Mr. Scalia has moments of laughing, yelling, and getting absolutely fed up with everything causing him to be grouchy!