BuzzKill: Dumb Trends of 2017

BuzzKill: Dumb Trends of 2017

Prestley Irvan, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Trends. The crazy things people do to get attention and even change the world. Sweeping the nation with the most bizarre, mind-blowing, and sometimes even stupid, trends have made our top 5 list of the dumbest fashion trends of 2017.

Clear Jeans
Forget denim. These clear jeans have been receiving a multitude of negative reviews, but some people are still purchasing them! Personally, I think that these are just a way to get people talking. They aren’t really made to hit the runways, or be worn by any fashion-crazy folk out there. Maybe this is just their first try at changing the style of denim that has been in since the 70’s, or maybe it’s just another dumb fashion craze of 2017.






Wavy Eyebrows

What in the world is with people and their obsession with eyebrows these days?! Since 2014, thick and dark eyebrows have swept the nation on social media, but now we have wavy eyebrows. Again, I’m not sure if this is a serious makeup must or a fashion fail.

High-waisted Everything

This reoccurring trend dates back to the early 90’s when high-waisted pants became a thing. Starting in 2015, you were only cool if you wore your shorts, pants, skirts, everything, as high-waisted. Why is this? No one knows for certain. Considering that back in the early 2000’s, low-rise, bedazzled pants were the hottest fashion piece. Now that trend has faded, and now wearing your pants pulled up past your belly button creates the desired hourglass figure that is all the rage.









Fake Freckles

Why is it that people with freckles don’t want them, and people who don’t have them, want them? It’s like the saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side”, it’s simply that people want whatever they can’t have. To solve the freckle-less populations problem, now drawing them on has become one of the hottest trends in this day in age.







Muddy Jeans

Before you ask if these have been dropped in the mud and dragged behind a car, no, that isn’t the case here. In April of 2017, Nordstrom began selling pre-mudded jeans. As if pre-ripped jeans weren’t strange enough, jeans with mud soaked in them joined the party. Not only are these jeans disgustingly covered in what looks like mud, but they also have a hefty price tag of up to $450! I could honestly take a normal pair of jeans and cover them in mud and it has the same effect. Not sure what Nordstrom had in mind, but it’s sure to get everyone talking.