Flipping into Next Season


Caitlyn Sadofsky, Sports Editor

Helmets and jerseys are being packed up for the year. No more Friday night games or daily practices. The 2020 football season has come to an end, and along with it, sideline cheer.

After an online school year because of the pandemic, the MIA cheerleaders got right to work with summer practices. Many new additions of cheerleaders were made to the team this summer, as well as many losses from previous seniors on their way to college.

The first game was held at Canterbury School of Fort Myers. While the Rays played hard, the Lady Rays cheered harder. Sadly, that was the only away game available for the girls to attend because of COVID-19, but the homecoming game at Winterberry park made up for it.

On October 2nd, MIA took their home field hosting Southwest Florida Christian Academy. Everyone had the chance to celebrate the seniors on both the football and cheer team. Kendall Jacobs, Emma Blankenship, Bridgett Sweeney, Megan Sweeney, and Rachel Drake, were all given gifts by the younger cheerleaders to show their gratitude. They each got to walk down the field prior to the game to allow everyone a chance to cheer them on.

The end of football season also marks a change to the coaching staff. After three years of coaching at MIA, Coach Burdick has decided to step aside. Burdick always made sure the team looked good and that everyone got to have a little fun. In the interim, Coach Leslie and Coach Macy have stepped up. The MIA cheer team is looking better than ever.

Looking forward, basketball season is almost here, and the cheerleaders are back in action.

With games starting soon, practice has been moved to Mondays to allow time for the multiple games a week. The cheerleaders are planning on cheering for both boys and girls basketball since the games are back to back.

Captains Jacobs, Drake, and Megan Sweeny, have done a great job teaching new dances and chants to prepare for an amazing season. Stunting with new groups and learning how to work with each other, while keeping everyone safe, has only made the team closer.

Let’s hoop it up Rays! You don’t want to miss the upcoming games, but more importantly, the amazing cheerleaders.