A Sprinkle of Pink

October is National Principals Month


Many thoughts on school principals fall under some sort of general idea that their sole purpose is to be the head of the school and give scoldings or punishments when necessary. When you get called to your principal’s office, different types of scenarios rush through your mind; what could I have done? How much trouble am I in? I didn’t think I did something wrong… Society has taught us that a visit to the principal’s office can’t ever be a good thing. I mean, there’s no way that your principal would call you to their office just to check up on you or say ‘hey’, right?

Wrong. The textbook definition of the role of the principal is to “provide leadership, direction and coordination within the school.” Not every principal is the same, and this is where our beloved Principal Melissa Scott exceeds these definitions and stands apart from the rest. Her ability to run the school is only one of the many things that make her such a good principal. Miss Scott cares about each and every one of her students and does everything in her power to ensure that her students succeed. Miss Scott has no greater passion than to provide the best for those who walk the halls each and every day. Miss Scott is a principal that truly believes in our school and the students that fill it.

To you, Miss Scott, we want to extend our sincerest gratitude. For you have proved the societal norm wrong. You have shown us all that every day we have a principal that not only cares deeply about her students, but wants to ensure that they receive the best education they can, and have someone to talk to if they ever need someone to lean on. The students and the staff here at MIA are beyond blessed to have such a wonderful principal like you.