Top 10 Worst Promposals


Worst Promposals… 2022

Haylen Irvan, Features Editor

(1) This LAX Promposal is Lacking 

The idea of using sports puns is honestly so outdated it’s probably something our parents used. Not to mention, why would you ask someone with a conjoined poster? How do the girls even know who is asking who? I’m not sure how good they are on the lacrosse field, but the lack of effort here is just sad.


(2) Please, Stop The Math Jokes

When will it end? Like, the pie is cute and all, but did we really need the math pun? Personally, I think he should have written out all of the digits of pi, but what do I know? I’m not sure if I’d say yes to this one. For some reason, it just doesn’t add up.


(3) Not So “Goated” Promposal

Why does it always have to be a goat? I think that this is so unbelievably random and it makes no sense to bring a whole goat to someone’s door. This promposal is most certainly not the Greatest Of All Time.


(4) Call Me Un-grape-ful, But This is Awful

First off, I would like to start out by saying, if you like grape-flavored things, that’s automatically a red flag. I don’t see any grapes here, but I’m assuming they played a part in this promposal. I also think that the word “fell” had something to do with it. Maybe he climbed a tree and dropped a container of grapes on her head. Yeah…I would definitely say no to this one.


(5) Not Kool at All

Hold on, they’re still manufacturing Kool-Aid? While I think this is somewhat creative, it’s just not the vibe. I don’t think this is Kool and I’m also trying to figure out why people still use the word “chick”.


(6) Knock, Knock. Who’s there?

A DOOR?! Stop. I have to be dreaming here. He really went out and bought a door and brought it to school. In my opinion, this whole approach is pretty door-ky if you ask me.


(7) I Just Really Hate This ( Barbie)

I really hate this one. Did he put the paper on her car? What makes him ‘Ken’? Maybe she just really likes Barbie? I’m not sure, but this one kinda just makes me sick to look at. I really hope that they didn’t drive that car to prom.


(8) Wings of Love? Nah, Just Wings.

Don’t get me wrong, I like wings, but I don’t think that this would exactly make me want to go to prom with someone. Imagine batting your eyelashes, blushing, saying yes, then digging into a box of saucy, meaty wings with your bare hands. Something about it just doesn’t sit right with me.


(9) Help.

Help. Please. Anyone. It’s like he’s trying to say something. I give up.


(10) A Different Type of Prom Ticket

If somebody pulled me over, faked a speeding ticket, or anything of the sort, I would most certainly not be in the mood to accept a promposal.


I wish luck to everyone as promposing season begins! Just…don’t use any of these ideas if you actually want a date.