Hush Movie Review


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Hush- A movie review by Briana Stavac

Briana Stavac , Staff Writer

Hush- a movie review by Briana Stavac (Wikipedia Commons)

Hush, by Mike Flanagan, is a slasher film made in 2016. The film involves a woman, Maddie, who is mute and deaf and lives alone in a cabin surrounded by woods. She has a few friends and an ex-boyfriend which is brought up throughout the film. In the beginning, we get a sense of how bad it is when a smoke detector goes off and she can’t hear it but there is a loud flashing light for her to see. She also has a friend over during this occurrence. Later in the night, her friend leaves, this is when the movie gets to the climax. 

A few minutes have passed since her friend left, which is really like an hour in the movie. Her friend is seen running back to the house, covered in blood. She bands on the door to try and get Maddie’s attention but she doesn’t hear it. This part makes you on the edge of your seat, hoping that Maddie would open the door but she doesn’t, her friend gets stabbed like 7 times.

The killer has a mask on, and the entire time is trying to get her attention by tapping on the glass but it doesn’t work, eventually, the killer steals her phone and sends her pics of herself, she receives them from her computer. This is when the movie gets more horror-ish. The killer hunts her for most of the movie, she tries many times to escape but it doesn’t work and she ends up getting shot by a crossbow he has and getting her hand crushed by a door he slammed. Her friend’s boyfriend (John) comes by to try and find his girlfriend but ends up face to face with the killer, the boyfriend ends up dying. 

Maddie finally used her disadvantage against the killer, she mocks him to come inside, since he refused to for most of the movie. She types on her laptop how he looks and says goodbye to her family since she thinks she’s going to die. While she is typing this, the killer is breaking in. She runs to the bathroom with a knife in her hand and holds it at the door, while she is sitting there, the killer breaks in through a window behind her and sits in the tub behind her. She can’t hear it so she is just sitting there, until he speaks and she feels his breath on her neck. She turns, causing the killer to miss his stab, then she stabs him.

She rushes to the kitchen and almost passes out from blood loss, she is laying on the floor, looking like she passed out. The killer walks towards her, and Maddie grabs a rodent spray can and sprays it into his eyes then grabs the smoke alarm and sets it off to blind him more and make his ears hurt from the loud noise. They end up wrestling and he ends up over top of her, strangling her, she grabs a wine cork screw and stabs him in the neck. The killer is dead, she calls 9-1-1, and the last scene is Maddie sitting outside with cops coming. 

This movie was amazing, it made many people sit on the edge of their seats every time Maddie failed to escape, or Maddie was so close to dying, but it also made everyone root for her when she had amazing plans and decided to fight back against the killer. The movie ended fantastically and has received  5/5 stars.