Morning Announcements – March 31th 2021


Phoenix Gutierrez, Digital Media & Layout Editor

District Visit: TO ALL STUDENTS & STAFF: Thank you for an amazing District visit yesterday! 


Tennis:  Schedule change: Our girls’ and boys’ tennis travel to Community School of Naples tomorrow for  a 4 p.m. match!  Students will be released at 2:30 p.m. 

Track:  Photo retakes are today at 3:45 p.m. Be sure to bring your uniform and warm ups!                                                                                                                  

Go Rays! 

Activities:   Our End-of-an-Era limited edition T-shirt:  Don’t forget to order your End-of-an-Era tee ASAP!  See Google Classroom for the link.  $10.00 from each shirt will go towards the Class of 2021’s Naming Right Goal!  

Humanities & Cultures Club:  There will be an informational meeting for students and parents on the deck for the 2022 trip to Portugal and Spain on Wed., April 7 at 6:00 pm.   If you are interested in having the time of your life in 2022, please come to the meeting, and also, let Senor Higuera or Mrs. Galiana know that you will be attending. The best time to register is NOW  because the price is lower, the monthly payments are low, and there is no down payment required at this time. If your parents need reassurance, we can help with that. Don’t miss out! 

National Honor Society:  We will be taking our yearbook photo TODAY  in Room 301 at the beginning of lunch.  Also, please don’t forget to make cards for the nursing home or for the healthcare workers these are due tomorrow.


Yearbook: Attention students! The Yearbook needs your photos. They can be any photos that include MIA students and are school appropriate. The link to submit these photos is on your class’ Google Classroom or the slip of paper passed out during mentoring. Submit them as soon as possible, as the yearbook deadline is approaching. Remember, the more photos you submit, the more you will be in the yearbook!


Art Club: This just in – Amelia Fontella has won another art competition-The Monthly Art Club Competition for submission for the “Mental Conflict” theme for the month of March.  Ms. Fontella won a super fancy-schmantsy book of high end expensive watercolor paper.  Yumpin’ Yimmini, she’s awesome.  Peace.

Daily Affirmation:  “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.”                                                          



Have a Wind Your Watches Wednesday!


Spring Jubilee Mentoring Fun

Before we begin the Easter Egg hunt, let’s reveal the winners of the Jelly Bean Jamboree!!!

Mr. Bruce’s Mentoring: # of jellybeans 362    WINNER w/ a guess of 330-Leonardo Demartino

Mr. Butler’s Mentoring: # of jellybeans 221   WINNER w/ a guess of 228-Luke McLain

Mrs. Galiana’s Mentoring: # of jellybeans 202   WINNER w/ a guess of 205-Ava Tobiason

Senor Higuera’s Mentoring: # of jellybeans 229  WINNER w/ a guess of 220-Joe Mietus

Mrs. Howard’s Mentoring: # of jellybeans 282    WINNER w/ a guess of 257-Keagan Hallock

Mr. Swope’s Mentoring: # of jellybeans 229  WINNER w/ a guess of 220-Joe Mietus

Mr. Montgomery’s Mentoring: # of jelly beans 344 WINNER w/ a guess of 336 -Chris Hackman

Mr. Howard’s Mentoring: # of jelly beans 381  WINNER w/ a guess of 400- Hunter Pisano

Mr. Dayett’s Mentoring: # of jelly beans 364 WINNER w/ a guess of 349 – Makaya Hendrick

Mr. Eder’s Mentoring: # of jelly beans 289 WINNER w/ a guess of 200 – Liam Sine

Mrs. Cobos’s Mentoring: # of jelly beans 338 WINNER w/ a guess of 326 -Nate Nicholas

Mrs. Burdick’s  Mentoring: # of jelly beans 347 WINNER w/ a guess of 250 – Jack Creedon

Mr. Scalia’s Mentoring: # of jelly beans 379  WINNER w/ a guess of 315 – Kendall Jacobs

Miss  Scott’s Mentoring: # of jelly beans 392 WINNER w/ a guess of 280 -Joey Puell

Admin:# of jelly beans 154 WINNER w/ a guess of 178 – Officer Ashby


Easter Egg Hunt

Now it’s for the hunt… 

  • Interact members, get ready to time… 
  • Mentorings, get ready to hunt…. ON YOUR MARKS… GET SET… GO!!!!

*Interact bunnies, when the times are complete, please bring them to Admin A and make sure they are written down for each mentoring!!!


Mr. Bruce’s Timing – Grace Miss Budick’s Timing – Robbie  

Mr. Butler’s Timing – Jasmin Mrs. Cobos’ Timing – Elle

Mrs. Galiana’s Timing – Phoenix Mr. Eder’s Timing – Joseph

Senor Higuera’s Timing – Nicole Mr. Scalia’s Timing – Joey 

Mrs. Howard’s Timing – Taylor

Mr. Swope’s Timing –  Ava

Mr. Montgomery’s Timing – Amelia 

Mr. Howard’s Timing –  Caitlin

Mr. Dayett’s Timing – Celine