Morning Announcements – February 9th, 2021


Phoenix Gutierrez, Digital Media & Layout Editor

Volunteer Opportunity: Need volunteer hours? Students please check Google Classroom for an upcoming volunteer opportunity to be held on Saturday, February 21.

Performing Arts: MIA Performing Arts presents “In Sickness and In Health: A Virtual Valentine Event.” The event will premiere on YouTube this Saturday night at 7pm and feature 3 original short plays written by Riley Letendre, Anthony Politi, and Mr. Dayett, as well as a multimedia art show featuring Mr. Eder’s Creative Photography class. See the flyers or follow the Performing Arts on social media for more details.

Boo Boo & Biffle Grams: Only three more days to help spread the LOVE… by buying a boo boo grams for that special someone or biffle grams for some irreplaceable friends. Find us at lunch or let us come to you during mentoring and purchase one to show your passions.

Daily Affirmation: “Do not be afraid of showing your affection. Be warm and tender, thoughtful and kind. Humanity is helped more by love than by money and a kind word will give more pleasure than a present.”- John Lubbock