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  • May 30Have a safe, productive, and fun summer...GOOOO RAYS!
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The voice of the student.

The Wave

The voice of the student.

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Recipients Collette Combs, Gordon Davis, Daniel Heekin, Thomas Heekin, Austin Hendrick, Makayla Hendrick, Isabella Kakaty, Piper Noyes, Celine Schauer and Grant Tirrell being congratulated for receiving the Marco Island Woman’s Club Award by presenter Anne Marchetti Marco Island Woman’s Club and MIWC president Sharyn Kampmeyer.
Senior Award Celebration
Lauren Riley, Associate Editor • May 30, 2024

On Tuesday May 21, Marco Island Academy held their annual Senior Award Celebration in the MIA gym for the Class of 2024. This event highlighted...

Rays Reflection - How To Survive Junior Year
Ray's Reflection - How To Survive Junior Year
Cassie Letendre, Associate Editor • May 30, 2024

Meme of the Day 05/30/24
Meme of the Day 05/30/24
Skylar Siems, Associate Editor • May 30, 2024

Photo credits to Brian McGowan via  Unsplash under the Unsplash license.
Disney's Moana - A Movie Review
Addison O, Staff Writer • May 29, 2024

The popular Disney film, “Moana” which came out on November 23rd, 2016, will always be one of my personal favorites. This film is set in...

Photo credits to Bethesda Softworks, LLC via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons license.
Fallout - A TV Show Review
Michael Martinez-Melara, Staff Writer • May 29, 2024

In the past, video games being turned into movies and TV shows had never really worked out. However, video games turning into movies or shows...

Protecting Turtles During Nesting Season

With nesting season returning this month, it’s important to keep our turtles safe. Photo credit to Giorgia Doglioni via Unsplash under Unsplash License.

It’s the beginning of May, and with May comes these beautiful creatures from the sea. It’s the beginning of nesting season for loggerhead turtles along the west coast of Florida. 

The Loggerhead Sea turtle is classified as an endangered species, protected under federal law. The Loggerhead is Florida’s most prominent sea turtle species, with reddish-brown shells and large heads. Adult turtles typically weigh between 200 to 400 pounds and reach three and a half feet in length. The loggerheads can be found in subtropical and temperate oceans. With Florida’s sandy Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico beaches, our location hosts one of the largest loggerhead nesting aggregations in the world. (link four) 

Every 2 to 3 years, loggerhead sea turtles will have their nesting season from May to September. Their nesting season correlates with the mating season, which occurs shortly after from late March to early June. They lay about four to seven nests, with each laid approximately every 14 days. Turtle nests contain 100 to 126 eggs that incubate in about 60 days.

The first nest of this season has been found in Venice Beach, Florida. But it isn’t only eggs that these sea turtles bring with them. Tourism comes for these magnificent creatures, many populating the coastline of Naples beaches. But with the increase of people coming for vacation, it creates more problems for these turtles. 

However, there are some ways that people can help these turtles.

Do’s : 

  • Remain quiet and remain at a distance if you encounter a nest 
  • Shield or turn off lights on beaches at night to help the hatchlings
  • Fill in holes that may trap or get in the way for the hatchlings
  • Remove beach furniture that may have been left on the beach



  • Stay away from the nest
  • Do not put any foreign objects in the nests, it may infect the egg with bacteria 
  • If you see a turtle laying her eggs, stay away from them. Sea turtles, especially loggerheads, have extremely strong jaws. 
  • Don’t uses bright lights like flashlights or fishing lamps at night 
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