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The voice of the student.

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The voice of the student.

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Recipients Collette Combs, Gordon Davis, Daniel Heekin, Thomas Heekin, Austin Hendrick, Makayla Hendrick, Isabella Kakaty, Piper Noyes, Celine Schauer and Grant Tirrell being congratulated for receiving the Marco Island Woman’s Club Award by presenter Anne Marchetti Marco Island Woman’s Club and MIWC president Sharyn Kampmeyer.
Senior Award Celebration
Lauren Riley, Associate Editor • May 30, 2024

On Tuesday May 21, Marco Island Academy held their annual Senior Award Celebration in the MIA gym for the Class of 2024. This event highlighted...

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Meme of the Day 05/30/24
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“The Tortured Poets Department” is the 11th official studio album release from singer and songwriter Taylor Swift. The total overview of her albums from first to latest released consists of: Taylor Swift (2006), Fearless (2008), Speak Now (2010), Red (2012), 1989 (2014), Reputation (2017), Lover (2019), Folklore (2020), Evermore (2020), Midnights (2022), and as of April 19th, The Tortured Poets Department (2024).

The album encompasses a certain theme through exploration of raw feelings and emotions such as vulnerability, creativity, and beautiful complications. This album touches on a variety of ideas under the same relative idea: fatalism.

Fortnight (feat. Post Malone): 9/10

This song emits a theme of reminiscence in the sense of acceptance. This idea is communicated amongst numerous songs, displaying that some negative events in life are completely unavoidable. From Taylor’s perspective, this tragic concept explores what could’ve been. 

The Tortured Poets Department: 10/10

This song, which shares the album’s title, is supposedly rumored about one of her past partners, Matty Healy. He is the lead singer of The 1975, and this song explores the onset of their relationship and how foolish it truly was.

My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys: 9/10

This song has a very dramatic and emotional beat to it. Similarly, this song digs into the concept of love and loss while using the continuous metaphor of broken toys. Not only that, the song highlights the rough patches of a chaotic relationship which led to all the ‘broken toys’. 

Down Bad: 10/10

The song, “Down Bad”, highlights the idea of someone amazing you to a fine-line and then suddenly abandoning you. This song uses various methods of imagery and symbolism to implement these exact feelings.

So Long, London: 10/10

“So Long, London” is a song surrounded by the idea of letting go from the depth of deep rooted emotions left by a past relationship. The song is rumored to be about Taylor’s long-term ex boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. Swift sings, “You swore that you loved me but where were the clues? I died on the altar waiting for the proof.” These lyrics are very creative, leaving you in touch with your true emotions.

But Daddy I Love Him: 8/10

This song dives into Taylor’s life as she takes on the public scrutiny of her personal life by drawing comparisons between the attitudes of arrogant parental figures and the criticism she receives for her relationships. The song explores an idea of rebellion and going against what others think. 

Fresh Out The Slammer: 7/10

“Fresh Out The Slammer”, describes the theme of ‘escapism’ perfectly as this melody compares to a relationship that she’s finally escaped. This song treats the relationship like a ‘prison’, hint the title ‘Slammer’, in which she finally gets out and becomes free. 

Florida!!! (feat. Florence + The Machine): 7/10

“Florida!!!” has the most upbeat melody, but yet describes escaping where you come from, essentially. Similarly to “Fresh Out The Slammer”, this song explores the idea of fleeing to a place in which you can start fresh, in this case, that place is Florida. 

Guilty as Sin?: 9/10

This song creates a complete atmosphere of sadness and despair. She sings, “What if he’s written “mine” on my upper thigh only in my mind?” It truly explores the negativity behind a past relationship that Taylor has dealt with, in which it was hard to let go and not be able to have forever. Essentially, she reveals the tragic idea that love isn’t always forever. 

Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?: 7/10

This song has a very intense beat and melody to the song but it really shows Taylor’s authentic self as she blocks out all the drama in her life. In the lyrics she addresses and mocks all the rumors that surround her life and ignores the struggle and hatred. She sings, “I was tame, I was gentle ’til the circus life made me mean..” 

I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can): 8/10

“I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)” explores the concept of trying to fix a relationship that is deemed to stay the same. In this case, it is rumored that this song can be about Matty Healy and Taylor’s relationship as she tries to ‘heal’ the relationship but finds out he is a ‘dangerous man’. 

loml: 9/10

Taylor’s song “loml” is not your typical ‘Love of My Life’ situation, instead this phrase stands for ‘Loss of My Life’. This song highlights staying in a specific relationship despite it being detrimental. The piano melody in the background matches with this concept throughout the song.

I Can Do It With a Broken Heart: 10/10

This song highlights Taylor’s struggle with performing while enduring a traumatic incident of heartbreak. It represents making room for the good in life rather than dwelling on the bad. It reveals that making the better choice is always an option.

The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived: 8/10

“The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived”, is a song about disbelief beyond the breakup with Joe Alwyn. This song addresses Matty Healy frequently as it responds to her experience following the breakup between her and Joe. Overall, this song emits feelings of frustration and agitation while creating an atmosphere of disappointment. 

The Alchemy: 10/10

This song is surrounded by feelings of true love. As she sings the lyrics, “happens once every few lifetimes” this shows how valuable the concept of love is. Many have speculated that aspects of this song are about Taylor’s current boyfriend, the one and only Travis Kelce. 

Clara Bow: 8/10

Swift’s song, “Clara Bow,” represents what she went through as she endured the process of becoming the star she is now. She explores dealing with constant comparison to others that came before her, with Clara Bow being one of the first big names in the industry. At the end of the song, Swift makes reference to how in the future, next up and coming singers will be compared to her by saying “You look like Taylor Swift.”

The Black Dog: 9/10

The song “The Black Dog” supposedly represents the ending of her relationship with the aforementioned Matty Healy, and how Swift has to deal with seeing him after the breakup. Throughout the song Taylor sings “old habits die screaming,” showing how hard it can be to see exes after a break up. 

imgonnagetyouback: 10/10

“imgonnagetyouback” is a really interesting song because it has more than one meaning. In the song, Swift says both “I’m gonna be your wife” and “gonna smash up your bike”, basically saying that no matter what, she is going to get “you” back. Whether the two are going to get back together, or if she will get her payback on the antagonist of the song, Swift has unfinished business with him. 

The Albatross: 8/10

Track 19, “The Albatross” references a metaphor for someone who causes inescapable problems, as well as an actual albatross, which is a type of bird. In this case, Taylor Swift is the “albatross”, or the villain of her own story, saying “I’m the albatross”. 

Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus: 9/10

This track is similar to track 17, “The Black Dog”, as both songs make reference to watching someone you used to date moving on with their love lives. This song also deals with the “what ifs” people deal with after a break up.

How Did It End?: 7/10

The song “How did it end?” deals with the thoughts that were running through Taylor’s mind after one of her recent breakups. In this song Swift comes to terms with the fact that she was truly alone, “my beloved ghost and me”. This song also touches on having to deal with how the media will perceive her after the breakup.

So High School: 9/10

This song, “So High School”, is speculated to be about Swift’s relationship with football star, Travis Kelce, as their relationship is very reminiscent of a cliche high school relationship. In the song Swift makes reference to the ‘jock falls for nerd’ stereotype by saying “You know how to ball, I know Aristotle” in the bridge of this track.

I Hate It Here: 10/10

This track, like several others from this album, refers to escaping to a corner of the world where you can be alone, without the judgements of people around you. In this song Taylor says, “I’m lonely, but I’m good”, further proving that she is running away from something. 

thanK you aIMee: 8/10

The song “thanK you aIMee” is about Taylor overcoming a bully from her past. This song has sparked heated debate, as people are arguing who the song is really about. Many people believe this song is about Kim Kardashian since the letters that are capitalized in the title spell out the name “KIM”. While others believe that Taylor wouldn’t leave such obvious clues to who the song is actually about, especially since in the song, she states “I changed your name and any real defining clues”, which basically shuts the Kim Kardashian rumors down. 

I Look in People’s Windows: 7/10

This song is about wanting to rekindle a relationship with someone, but only being able to watch them from afar, instead of talking to them. At the very end of the song Taylor says “What if your eyes looked up and met mine one more time. This song deals with the theme of pining to fix a relationship with someone.

The Prophecy: 8/10

This song talks about feelings of not fitting in, and watching everyone else around you get the things you want. The chorus of this song is Taylor begging someone to “change the prophecy” and “let it once be me”. In this song, Taylor talks about how she thinks that her fate is unfair.

Cassandra: 7/10

The song “Cassandra” alludes to Cassandra from Greek mythology, who was given the gift to correctly tell the future, but has no one to believe her. In the chorus of this song, Taylor even states “Do you believe me now?” This song is also speculated to be about Kim Kardashian. 

Peter: 8/10

The song “Peter” is about someone who lost a loved one, named Peter, who is still dealing with the fact that he is really gone. In the song she says “We said it was just goodbye for now”, insinuating that they were mistaken by saying “for now”, since he is now gone forever. 

The Bolter: 7/10

Track 29, “The Bolter”, is an example of someone that keeps getting into relationships that will all end with “the bolter,” running away from the other person. The bolter keeps getting themselves into the same situation over and over again, all destined to end the same way. 

Robin: 9/10

The song “Robin”, can be seen as almost a warning for younger children, before they’ve grown up, and before they’ve dealt with the cruelties of the world. This song mentions “swing set’ and ‘trampoline’, further proving that it is a message to younger kids.

The Manuscript: 8/10

The last song on this album, “The Manuscript” lies deep beneath Taylor’s past love. This song, however, jumps into many different aspects of her life and situations, leading into moments of reflection. The true meaning is up to interpretation, as Taylor has not revealed anything yet.

Let us know if you’ve listened to any of these songs in the comments!

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