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The voice of the student.

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The voice of the student.

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Morning Announcements - 2/23/24
February 23, 2024

Announcements   Good morning Marco Island Academy, today is Friday, February 23rd, 2024,  and these are your morning announcements!...

MIA Favorites in Italy and Greece

Image of the Marco Island Academy Italy and Greece travel group in Pompeii, Italy.
Jorge Rodriguez
Image of the Marco Island Academy Italy and Greece travel group in Pompeii, Italy.
Marco Island Academy students exploring the city of Sorrento, Italy. (Isabella Kakaty)
Marco Island Academy students swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea of Capri, Italy. (Collette Combs)

In the summer of 2023, a group of over 50 MIA students, parents, and teachers embarked on a two-week school trip to Italy and Greece. Over the length of the trip, the group explored Athens, Greece, as well as Sorrento, Capri, Venice, Rome, and Florence, Italy. They experienced unforgettable, life-changing moments throughout the adventure.

The group hiked the Delphi, danced at the Zafiro Experience Greek Show, swam with jellyfish in the Tyrrhenian Sea, explored the Vatican, gazed at the Colosseum, walked through the Augustus Garden, toured the Acropolis museum, traveled on an overnight ferry, climbed the Spanish Steps, visited Pompeii, prayed in the Church of Santa Grace, rode boats in the Isle of Capri, engaged in sightseeing in the chapels of Rome, strolled through Piazza Navona, and traveled on gondolas in Venice, among many other experiences. 

Although traveling with such a large group posed some difficulties, the friendships formed by the end of the trip were priceless.

Image of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. (Isabella Kakaty)
Image of a restaurant in the city of Athens, Greece. (Isabella Kakaty)
Image of Marco Island Academy students during hike of Adelphi in Greece. (Isabella Kakaty)












When speaking with students that went on the trip, the majority claimed their favorite location to be Sorrento. What made Sorrento the most popular place to visit was mainly the views and unique experiences the city offers. Students loved buying tote bags printed with beautiful images of the city and colorful fanny packs to take with them as they traveled throughout the country.

Image of Bruschetta and a Charcuterie Board in an Italian restaurant. (Isabella Kakaty)
Image of a cliff and the Tyrannian Sea in Sorrento, Italy. (Isabella Kakaty)

“I really enjoyed the downtown, small city feel of Sorrento. I loved how we could walk everywhere, and buy pizza right next door. The view of the water was amazing, and the hotel was gorgeous. Everyone bought bags and sweatshirts, and the restaurant served delicious bolognese.”-  Colette Combs, a senior at MIA




Marco Island Academy students on a Capri ferry in Italy. (Isabella Kakaty)
Boats on the waterside of Sorrento, Italy. (Isabella Kakaty)

“The water was beautiful and the boat ride was incredible. I also loved ordering spritzes wherever we went. ”- Michelle Acosta, a junior at MIA 

“I loved the boat tours and the rush of excitement of jumping into the water and avoiding the jellyfish. The views were amazing and the sandwich shops were so cute. I also loved exploring the gardens in Sorrento.”- Ava Tobiason, a senior at MIA


Marco Island Academy students watching the sunset in Venice, Italy. (Ava Tobiason)
Image form a gondola ride in Venice, Italy. (Isabella Kakaty)

“I loved how the atmosphere of Venice managed to be both calming and chaotic at once. There were so many activities to do and sights to see. Florence was also breathtakingly beautiful.”- Jorge Rodriguez, MIA class of 2023

Image of the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy. (Jorge Rodriguez)



Image from inside of a chapel in Vatican City. (Isabella Kakaty)
Image of Noa Battle, a student from MIA, holding a cappuccino at a rest stop in Italy. (Isabella Kakaty)

“I loved going shopping downtown and ordering cappuccinos in the cute cafes. The coffee is amazing in Florence.”- Noa Battle, a junior at MIA

“Florence was my favorite place to explore in Italy. I was captivated by the art and architecture of the city.”- Mrs. Higuera, a teacher at MIA




Image of Marco Island Academy students saluting the Passports flag in front of a ferry. (Collette Combs)

Favorite memories shared by students include: 

  • Steven Ramos losing his wallet
  • Watching Chase Johnson dance in a costume at the Greek dinner show
  • Playing hide and seek on the overnight ferry
  • Collette Combs getting covered in mud and washing her foot in a bidet
  • Eating McDonald’s in Rome
  • Meeting up with Claudia Depi, a former student at MIA
  • Witnessing Michelle Acosta drink a million spritzes
  • The scary bus ride on the windy cliff in Sorrento
  • Exploring different shops and views
  • Buying chocolates and gelato every night
  • Listening to the tour guide give history lessons early in the mornings
  • Jorge Rodriguez taking pictures of students falling asleep on the bus
  • Smashing plates at the Greek show
  • Losing Jorge Rodriguez, Noa Battle, and Jorge’s mom at the Vatican
  • Everyone getting stung by jellyfish in Capri
  • The boys getting lost on a boat
  • Michelle Acosta, Noa Battle, and Helen Totten crying at dinner from jetlag
  • The 5 hour delay before boarding the plane
  • Watching an Italian waiter flirt with Ava Tobiason’s mom 
  • Singing “Dancing Queen” on the bus ride
  • Eating pizza on the ground in Sorrento
  • Cramming in the train station for cover when it was pouring rain
  • Petting all the stray cats
  • Buying smoothies, jewelry, t-shirts, and dresses at different venues 
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