A collage of the posters made by Mr. Scalias AICE English Language students.
A collage of the posters made by Mr. Scalia’s AICE English Language students.
Noa Batlle

Marketing MIA 2024

MIA is hosting an Enrollment Night this Wednesday, January 24th. 

In preparation for the rising freshmen and their parents coming in to tour and learn more about MIA, Mr. Scalia’s AICE English Language students were tasked with creating an ad campaign to promote the school. The project is directed at persuading both potential students, and parents at choosing MIA for their high school education. 

In groups of up to four students, they created both a poster and an advertisement. This included students coming up with an effective slogan for MIA that would attract the attention of prospective students. In both the poster and video, students were attempting to convey elements of ethos, logos, pathos, and kairos to create a perfectly balanced, persuasive piece.

Most students utilized MIA’s outstanding academic and athletic statistics in their work to appeal to logos, and sought out ways to fully capture the school’s student life and community. Another common aspect of these projects was to include pictures that encompass what MIA is all about, which appealed to pathos.

The posters and videos attempt to show those who are considering enrolling here that not only does MIA have great academics, it also has a great community of tight-knit students and faculty. 

Which ad campaign does it best?


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