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Rivage via Unsplash under Unsplash License.
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Photo credit to Sandro Schuh via Unsplash under Unsplash License. 
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Meme of the Day 04/18/24
Meme of the Day 04/18/24
Skylar Siems, Staff Writer • April 18, 2024

BuzzKill: Top 10 Most Overplayed Christmas Songs

Photo credit to Vanessa via Pixabay under Pixabay License. During the holiday’s millions of people enjoy listening to jolly Christmas music.


It’s that time of the year yet again, and with this “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” comes a ton of songs getting played over and over and over again on every single radio station that isn’t still stuck in a time between the 60s and 90s.

Now, I can’t bash these songs too much (just kidding, watch me) because they all are absolute classics. These songs have really become staples for the season and are now a part of what makes Christmas, Christmas.

Everybody knows these songs, and most people love them. I am by no means saying that these songs are bad. They just get a bit annoying when you hear them for the 1000th time that day. So, on that note, here are 10 of the most overplayed Christmas songs to date, especially for a Floridian.


1. “All I Want for Christmas Is You”


Nobody should be surprised by this. This is probably what you expected to see when you clicked on the article. 

This song is the epitome of Christmas music. From the memes, the radio stations, and the constant use on TV, everybody knows this song and probably has a love/hate relationship with it.

The song is honestly a pretty good song until Mariah Carey starts screeching into the microphone. Is it a Christmas Classic? Yes! Does it also make me want to put noise-canceling headphones on? Also yes! 


2. “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas”


I started hearing this song back before Halloween. WE LIVE IN FLORIDA! Every day looks like Christmas because it is always either sunny or raining. 

Throughout the rest of the country, this song is a bit more understandable, especially when it starts snowing in September.

I still hear this song every time I walk into a Home Depot, Best Buy, or any store at a mall. The radio isn’t even what overplays this song, it’s the corporate playlists that are consistent with every singer store in a chain.


3. “Baby It’s Cold Outside”


“Grandma, no, this song is not cute! Do you even know what it’s abou… nevermind. Enjoy your music.”

This song honestly kind of hits, but the lyrics are so concerning to hear. The song is overplayed, but that isn’t even my issue with it. The whole topic of the song seems fine at first listen, but it very much is not.

On the scale of how overplayed it is, this song is pretty bad, but at least there are a lot of versions of it. Ella Fitzgerald is probably the only one I would willingly listen to. Maybe John Legend. And Idina Menzel. You know what, this song is great. Overplayed and concerning, but great.


4. “Winter Wonderland”


I had a soft spot for this song. The key word is HAD.

I have plenty of great memories with this song, but it gets incessant at some point.

At least it has been covered a lot so it doesn’t get too repetitive.


5. “Frosty The Snowman”


Part of the soundtrack for possibly the most famous Christmas movie ever, Frosty The Snowman is an iconic song that unfortunately has crept out of the movie and on to social media and every radio station in the country.

While this may be a lovable classic, I don’t need to hear it everywhere I go. The mall, the radio, TV, random stores, Publix, anything really. If it exists, there probably will be several times that you hear this song while you’re there.


6. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”



I believed it until my ears were subjected to the repetitive mind-numbing music that is on this list for seventeen years straight.


7. “Carol of the Bells”


If you have ever wanted to listen to a Christmas song that feels straight out of a Harry Potter movie, this is the song for you.

I can’t even hate on this song too much aside from that. It is a pretty boring song, but it is still impressive when performed live. It would be a lot better if every radio station didn’t play this song prefaced by the line “Now for something a little bit different.”


8. “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”


Oh, great! This song again! It hasn’t snowed in Southwest Florida since 1977! That isn’t going to change any time soon.

I can understand this song being played in New York or Washington, but not Florida. It is on repeat no matter where you are, whether it has snowed in the past 45 years or not.

It’s not even a bad song, it just should not be played nearly as much as it is in the literal tropics.


9. “You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch”


This song wasn’t even overplayed until the 2018 movie and Tyler, the Creator dropped his version of it. The song was still played a lot, but in recent years it has most definitely earned the title of overplayed.


10. “Santa Baby”


Wow! I never thought a song that romanticizes Santa would become so popular, but BOY, WAS I WRONG. The worst part is, I can’t even say the song isn’t good. Eartha Kitt does kind of have a voice like nails on a chalkboard, but I still can’t help but love this song. Even with that, there is nothing that makes me more uncomfortable than hearing my little cousins sing this whenever it comes on.

While these songs may be a bit of a backhanded gift to the world, and we are sorry for reminding you of them, we at The Wave still hope you “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” and some happy holidays. 

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