Boys Soccer Game Recap

Southwest Florida Christian Academy and St. John Neumann

Southwest Florida Christian Academy

The Marco Island Academy boys soccer team took on Southwest Florida Christian Academy on November 14th at 5:00pm. It was a very close, action-packed game with a final score of 2-1, Southwest Florida Christian winning the game.  The Rays played a great game, bringing a range of skills to the field and leaving their blood, sweat, and tears on the field. In the first half, the game was full of perfectly executed plays by both teams, making for an extremely close game. At a recent soccer practice, Francisco Mendez told The Wave, “The team is talking a lot more on the field this year in practice, and if they can bring that to the game, they should do great this year.”


St. John Neumann

The Rays arrived late to the pre-game practice at St. John Neumann, giving them little time to warm up. Armando Anaya, a new freshman player on the varsity team, started off the season with a header against St. John Neumann’s goalkeeper. Though in the first half they started out strong, they quickly began to decline in the second half. Marshall Daffner, the Rays goalkeeper, saved an amazing penalty kick by St. John Neumann. However, one strong play couldn’t make the game, with Daffner giving up two goals. Ultimately causing the Rays to lose 2-1 to St. John Neumann.