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The voice of the student.

The Wave

The voice of the student.

The Wave

The Persistence Podcast - Jessica Babcock
The Persistence Podcast - Jessica Babcock
Annabelle Frazer and Helen TottenDecember 7, 2023

In this installment, the girls speak with Jessica Babcock, a female Pastor at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church.

Injuries in Florida sports are rapidly rising due to intensity and competitiveness.
Florida Sports Injuries Increase
Medney Garraux, Staff Writer • December 7, 2023

Injuries frequently occur during sports. However, the injuries in the state of Florida have increased incredibly. In 2023, Florida is experiencing...

Meme of the Day 12/07/23
Meme of the Day 12/07/23
Maximo Walters, Staff Writer • December 7, 2023

Morning Announcements - 12/7/23
December 7, 2023

Announcements   Good morning Marco Island Academy, today is THURSDAY, December 7th, 2023, and these are your morning announcements!    General...

Meme of the Day 12/06/23
Meme of the Day 12/06/23
Lauren Riley, Associate Editor • December 6, 2023

Teen Lingo 5.0

Medney Garraux

Here are the latest, most popular slang words and phrases used by teens. Use these to assist you with the understanding of what teens are saying nowadays. 


Bruh- (noun) Expresses disbelief in a situation.

Example: “Bruh, are you kidding me!?”


Dawg- (noun) Another word for a close friend.

Example: “What’s up dawg?”


Glow up- (verb) Used to show a positive emotional or physical transformation. 

Example: “This summer I had a major glow-up.” 


ONG (On God)- (adverb) Used to say someone isn’t lying. 

Example: “Are you telling the truth right now?… ONG, I am.”


Cap- (verb) Used to indicate that someone’s lying.

Example: “Stop the cap right now.” 


Drip- (noun) Defines someone having a sense of fashion in clothing. 

Example: “Have you seen her drip?”


Smack- (verb) Indicates that something is really good.

Example: “This drink smacks so hard.”


Standin’ on business- (verb) Used to say you’re doing what you got to do, as in keeping up with your obligations.

Example: “I just finished my project… You standin’ on business FR.” 


Banger- (noun) It describes something as being great and cool.

Example: “The new FNAF movie was a banger!”


Caught in 4k- (phrase) Indicates someone was caught doing something they weren’t supposed to.

Example: “The teacher saw him using his phone to look up answers. Bro got caught in 4k.” 


FR (For Real)– (adjective) Used to agree with something.

Example: “He is acting so crazy! For real.” 


Karen- (adjective) Used to compare an individual to a strict old male or female.

Example: “Let me speak to your manager, I’m going to complain about this order.”

“Ugh, stop being such a Karen.”


Valid- (adjective)  It means someone or something is exceptional. 

Example: “Did you hear about Drake’s new album?… Yeah, it’s valid.”


Salty- (adjective) Used to refer to someone who is upset. 

Example: “Stop being so salty right now.”


Slept on(verb) Used to indicate that something that is underrated.

Example: “We’re low-key slept on.”


Turnt- (adjective) Similar context as “lit.” 

Example: Are you going to this week’s party?… Yes, we’re gonna get turnt.” 


Throwing shade(verb) To put down, insult.

Example: “Did you hear the shade she was throwing at her?”

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