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The voice of the student.

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The voice of the student.

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Recipients Collette Combs, Gordon Davis, Daniel Heekin, Thomas Heekin, Austin Hendrick, Makayla Hendrick, Isabella Kakaty, Piper Noyes, Celine Schauer and Grant Tirrell being congratulated for receiving the Marco Island Woman’s Club Award by presenter Anne Marchetti Marco Island Woman’s Club and MIWC president Sharyn Kampmeyer.
Senior Award Celebration
Lauren Riley, Associate Editor • May 30, 2024

On Tuesday May 21, Marco Island Academy held their annual Senior Award Celebration in the MIA gym for the Class of 2024. This event highlighted...

Rays Reflection - How To Survive Junior Year
Ray's Reflection - How To Survive Junior Year
Cassie Letendre, Associate Editor • May 30, 2024

Meme of the Day 05/30/24
Meme of the Day 05/30/24
Skylar Siems, Associate Editor • May 30, 2024

Photo credits to Brian McGowan via  Unsplash under the Unsplash license.
Disney's Moana - A Movie Review
Addison O, Staff Writer • May 29, 2024

The popular Disney film, “Moana” which came out on November 23rd, 2016, will always be one of my personal favorites. This film is set in...

Photo credits to Bethesda Softworks, LLC via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons license.
Fallout - A TV Show Review
Michael Martinez-Melara, Staff Writer • May 29, 2024

In the past, video games being turned into movies and TV shows had never really worked out. However, video games turning into movies or shows...

Tyler’s Takes: Fantasy Football Forecast

Photo via Unsplash under Unsplash License Tyler’s Takes is a weekly Fantasy Football article talking about best and worst players to draft.


Top 5 Players with the Lowest Floor

Players with the lowest floor are expected to deliver mediocre performances in the league


1. Kenny Pickett (Steelers)

Kenny Pickett was the first quarterback drafted in the 2022 NFL draft and had a mediocre first season in the league, throwing more interceptions than touchdowns. It would not be surprising to many draft analysts if he doesn’t perform well this season. Projecting him to go higher in drafts than Matthew Stafford and Brock Purdy might be an overestimation of his ability. 


2. Jordan Love (Packers)

Jordan Love always served as a backup to Aaron Rodgers on the Packers and did not show much promise, with only 83 passes in his NFL career. Love is a risky pick with a very low ceiling. 


3. Kyler Murray (Cardinals)

 Kyler Murray is a versatile player with a strong arm and incredible rushing ability. However, Murray is coming off an ACL tear in December, and few players are the same after such an injury. For this reason, he is entering this season with a very low floor.


4. Russell Wilson (Broncos)

Russell Wilson used to be one of the best quarterbacks in the National Football League, but lately, he has fallen to below-average performance levels, putting up career-low numbers with just 16 touchdown passes and a 60.5% completion rate. Wilson has also lost much of his mobility, being sacked over 50 times. 


5. Dak Prescott (Cowboys)

Dak Prescott, though not extensively discussed in the initial text, is known for his consistency and strong fantasy football performance when healthy. In past seasons, he has proven to be a reliable quarterback option for fantasy football managers. While he may face uncertainties or challenges due to injuries or other factors, he typically offers a solid floor when in playing condition, making him a valuable asset for fantasy football teams. 


Top 5 Sleepers or Steals 

Players who are sleepers or steals are being overlooked by many fantasy football players and draft analysts.


1. Geno Smith (Seahawks)

Geno Smith has been one of the most underrated players in the last five years. In this preseason, Smith has led the Seahawks to two wins so far. Smith has one of the best-supporting casts around him in the NFL, with Tyler Lockett, D.K. Metcalf, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba. He also has a great rushing upside for a quarterback. If he falls to a later round in the draft, he is a must-pick. 


2.  Deshaun Watson (Browns)

Deshaun Watson’s ADP is 82, which is very low for a player of his caliber. Before last season, he averaged 24th, 21st, 21st, and 20th in the last four seasons. Watson may be a very safe choice for a backup quarterback or someone to draft in the later rounds.


3. Derek Carr (Saints)

Derek Carr has been on the Raiders for most of his career with pretty lackluster receivers in his time there. Now that an experienced Carr is on the Saints with Michael Thomas and a very promising young receiver, Chris Olave, it is expected that Carr will have one of his best seasons to date. Carr is expected to fall to the later rounds, and if he does, it would be wise to pick him because he provides great upside for a late pick. 


4. Brock Purdy (49’ers)

Brock Purdy has been overlooked ever since he came into the league, and I mean literally, he was the last pick in the 2022 draft. Now that Jimmy G and Trey Lance have both been traded, it is expected that Purdy will be the QB1 for the 49ers. In the five games that Purdy started last year, he had almost 1100 yards, threw 11 touchdowns, and only 2 interceptions, and in that five-week span, he placed as QB6. If Purdy continues to start, he should be exceeding anyone’s expectations, especially since he has one of the best-supporting casts around him. 


5. Aaron Rodgers (Jets)

 Aaron Rodgers, for the first time in his professional career, is not playing for the Packers. Now that he is not on the Packers anymore, he is being overlooked by a lot of draft analysts. But, Rodgers has a good supporting team and coach around him. Although I wouldn’t take Rodgers in the earlier rounds, if he falls, he is a definite pick-up. 


Players with the Highest Ceiling

 Players with a high ceiling have the potential to be fantastic.

1. Lamar Jackson (Ravens)

With Lamar Jackson becoming the highest-paid player in NFL history and the Ravens acquiring Odell Beckham Jr., he should have one of the best seasons in his career. Lamar Jackson has proved himself in the past that he has the potential to be one of the best players in the NFL and in fantasy football. With Jackson acquiring more receiving weapons and his rushing ability consistently among the best among quarterbacks, it is a recipe for success. 


2. Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)

Patrick Mahomes has been the best player or one of the best players in the NFL for the past five seasons straight, and there is an indication that he is only going to get better. With the Chiefs upgrading their offensive line and their receiving corps still being one of the best in the league, there should be no slowing down in Mahomes’ domination. 


3. Jalen Hurts (Eagles)

Jalen Hurts has been one of the most surprising quarterbacks in the league, but in the last season, he showed his true potential to be great. He had the highest points per game (PPG) among all quarterbacks last season with 25.6 PPG. Hurts also offers a rushing threat with over 13 rushing touchdowns last season. After losing the Super Bowl, Jalen Hurts is going into the upcoming season looking for vengeance and should be performing even better than last season. 


4. Josh Allen (Bills)

Over the past three seasons, Josh Allen has placed 2nd, 1st, and 2nd among all other quarterbacks. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Josh Allen is expected to continue this trend. He has thrown for over 4,000 yards in the past three seasons and should meet that number again with Stephon Diggs, Gabriel Davis, and Dawson Knox to assist him.


5. Joe Burrow (Bengals)

Joe Burrow, ever since he has come into this league, has been a game-changer. He has the potential to be the best quarterback in the league, and now that he has upgraded his offensive line with the signing of Orlando Brown Jr., he should have more time in the pocket to make passes to Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins. Over the past two seasons, Burrow has had a 69% completion rate and over eight yards per attempt.

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