Honking Out to Veteran’s Park


Jorge Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief

Tuesday, May 16th, came a heck of a lot faster than seniors anticipated. Officially the last day of school, it was a day that was met with mixed emotions. There were three things on the agenda that day: take final exams for blocks one and two, followed by the annual senior honk out around the building before heading to Veterans’ Community Park for the senior picnic.

When the final exams were taken care of, seniors gathered in the lobby where they were met by members of the administration. After exchanging hugs and tears, they walked out of the main lobby and headed to their vehicles to do one loop around the school for the honk out. As they lined up around the lot, principal Miss Scott, alongside other members of the staff, gathered outside of the main lobby and waved goodbye one last time. The seniors left with joyous expressions, appreciating the good times, memories, and knowledge gained through their time at MIA      

“It was bittersweet,” said Avé Dussias. “I’m looking forward to college, but it was kind of sad to drive out of the parking lot for one last time.”

As the seniors arrived at Veterans’ Community Park, Mrs. Ray, as well as some parents, greeted them with sandwiches from the Italian Deli. They were all given a sandwich alongside a drink and some cookies to enjoy with friends. After eating, many of them played Jumbo-Sized Jenga or just hung out with their friends, creating a memorable last day as high school students.

“It feels weird. That’s all I can think to say. Today was our last day and now we’re pretty much done with high school,” Luis Jauregui remarked.

For many seniors, high school was a wonderful experience in their lives. It was four years that came and went faster than any of them would have thought. The honk out, as well as the senior picnic, will serve as an everlasting memory of their final day in high school.