Ray’s Praise

Helena Davis, Opinions Editor

What is Ray’s Praise?

Ray’s Praise is an opportunity for students at MIA to show their appreciation for others. Whether it’s a classmate, teacher, or another staff member, these praises offer us a chance to show our respect and admiration for someone, which will certainly brighten their day.

Steven Ramos

Very positive and upbeat person who brightens your day. From: Ryan Sweeney

Zachary Ferro

He has the biggest heart and isn’t afraid of anything. 

He is super cool and funny.

Helena Davis

She is the sweetest person ever and has the biggest heart for people.

Jack Berry

Congrats on Prom King!

Mr. Eder

He is the snazziest man in the world.

Officer Ashby

He protects us everyday and takes the time to direct traffic before and after school.

Michael Pace

He’s a cool dude.

Mr. Scalia

Thank you for everything <3 even though your classes are very difficult, I’m very glad I took them because of how much it has taught me. I am truly grateful 🙂

Jonathan Cao

He is funny and smart.

Mrs. Gutwerk

I will miss our daily lunch sessions <3. From: Isabella Portu

Aveia Dussias

Thanks for being so funny in history and being an amazing senior!! We’ll miss you!

Emily Reisinger

I admire how smart you are. I know you’ll be successful in the future!! From: Nicole Garcia-Pantoja

Jenna Golec

Super sweet girl and is always caring about other people. From: Mia Winnik