Alone at Prom: An Album Review


Logan Yarnell, Digital Media Editor

Alone at Prom is the sixth album released by rapper and singer Tory Lanez. The album was released on December 10, 2021. Alone at Prom was meant to be Lanez’s take on an 80’s style of music. He combines a modern R&B style with an 80’s pop music style in the absolute best way possible. Lanez takes this strange combination and creates a beautiful album about heartbreak and loss.

1. Enchanted Waterfall: 8/10

Beginning the album with what I think is one of the weaker songs, Enchanted Waterfall is a song about heartbreak and Lanez being hung up on his ex and not being able to get over her. The song starts off strong and even has a pretty good chorus. My only issue with it is that it is super repetitive. You can only hear the same line so many times before it gets boring and this song does that far too many times.


2. Pink Dolphin Sunset: 8/10

This is where you feel the 80’s start to show clearly is this album. I think that this song is underrated. The song is about going for someone despite knowing that they are a player and will not treat you right. The sound of the song is pretty comparable to most 80’s love songs but with a tragic story. Overall a pretty solid song.


3. Midnight’s Interlude: 5/10

“Why don’t you want my love? Why don’t you want me baby?” That is pretty much all you will hear for almost two minutes. An easy skip for me but some people like it. Not my least favorite on the album, but pretty close.


4. The Color Violet: 10/10

This is the one that most people know. By far the most popular song on the album, being very popular on Tiktok, The Color Violet is my second favorite song on this album. Is it overrated? Yes. Does that mean it is not amazing? Absolutely not! This song, again about heartbreak, is an amazing song to have playing when you are driving as the song is about Lanes being in a “speeding car going 90 in the rain.” 


5. Lavender Sunflower: 9/10

This is a song with a beautiful title about a not so beautiful topic. Lavender Sunflower is about being tempted into cheating on a partner. The song is quite short and to the point about the singer being around a woman knowing that he has a “girl at home” who is in love with him and he doesn’t want to hurt.


6. Ballad of a Badman:8/10

This song is a little hard to describe in a way that is acceptable for a school news site. It’s a pretty good song though. If you want to give it a listen, you’ll catch on pretty quickly about why I can’t write much about it here.


7. Lady of Namek: 10/10

The song that really talks about being alone at prom. Lanez sings about going to prom with someone who was just a friend but he wanted more from. Lady of Namek follows the story of the two of them going to prom together and Lanez being left alone, giving the album its name.


8. Pluto’s Last Comet: 8/10

You will feel the 80’s in this one. This feels like a mix of Rick Astley and the Jackson Five. As good as the song is, all I can think of when I hear it is every 80’s song that sounds similar to it.


9. 87’ Stingray: 10/10

My favorite song on the album and one of my favorites of all time. 87’ Stingray is about feeling love from a partner and regretting cheating on them. The topic is a rather controversial one, but the song is an absolute masterpiece. This upbeat song is one of the few that is not about heartbreak and it really stands out in the Album.


10. Hurt From Mercury: 8/10

Back to the heartbreak. This is one of the slower songs on the album and is arguably the most sad. Lanez sings about all of the pain in his heart and repeats “why does it hurt so bad” throughout the song. This is another song that I love, but it can definitely be a buzzkill if it comes on right after a very happy and upbeat song like 87’ Stingray.


11. Last Kiss of Nebulon: 2/10

I hate this song. It may just be me but this is my least favorite song on the entire album and possibly my least favorite song by Tory Lanez. It tries to reference most of the other songs and while it does a great job of connecting them and making and telling a beautiful story, the song just does not carry when put next to any of the other songs.