Buzzkill: Top 10 Worst Habits


Piper Noyes, Staff Writer

Habits. They can be very annoying to many people, and often it varies from nail picking to smelly armpits. It’s something that no one can help since it is called a ‘habit’. If you tell the person to stop picking their boogers they will be like “oh sure, sorry” then you feel relieved until you see them digging up for gold 20 minutes after you politely tell them to stop.

Everyone gets annoyed when someone is doing something that either makes your skin crawl or your hairs on your arms lift up feeling like they are trying to fly away. So today for Buzzkill we will be addressing the obnoxious 10 Worst Habits a person can do. 

1. Chewing your fingers


Indulging in your fingernails is such a great snack , don’t you think?

No it’s not. It’s actually quite nasty if you ask me. Maybe reach for a bag of salty Fritos instead of raising your hand into your mouth and chomping on your nails until there is no more nail to chew. I get it, it can be an anxious habit, but do you really want all that dirt and bacteria under your nails hanging out in your mouth? If you’re really that hungry that you want to chew on something, help everyone else out and chew a piece of gum, because after consuming your fingernails, your breath probably smells like fungus . 

2. Gold digging


I’m not talking about the type of gold digger that marries an old man that’s on death row with money falling out of his pockets. I’m talking about the type of gold digger that enjoys finding treasures up their nose. I thought that we all moved past this when we left elementary school behind, but I was wrong. I still see people gaming their fingers up their noses to, you know, pick their boogers. (Everyone knows it’s not just an itch because if it was, you would be hanging in their search around the area for a small itch.) The type of gold digger I’m speaking about needs to end. The next time I see someone enjoying their treasure search, I’ll probably say, “that must be a pretty deep itch you got there.”

3. Cow chewing


“Stop chewing like a cow.” We have all heard this one before. You want to know why? Because people just don’t seem to get a hint as to why someone is screaming at them. I’m going to be completely honest with you – if you’re eating, and we can see the process of you digesting and breaking down your leftover dinner from last night, there’s a big problem that needs to be fixed. Once you put food into your mouth, you’re supposed to keep your mouth closed. No human being wants a tutorial on how to chew. Chopping on some cheesy Doritos is the best feeling, but it’s not a good feeling when it’s literally falling out of your mouth and hitting the person’s face across from you.  

4. Pen clicking


Imagine you’re taking a test and constantly hearing the annoying sound of a pen clicking, gradually getting louder and louder. That’s the worst feeling ever, hearing a constant sound of click, click, click. Then, once you tell them to stop, they just do it 20 mins after and now you look like a psychopath since you’re telling someone to literally shut up and stop what they’re doing. Even when the annoying sound stops, it will still linger in your mind and you won’t stop hearing it until someone makes another annoying sound. Basically, you’re going to ruin someone’s day if you do this psychotic act. 

5. Stinky pits


Hopefully you don’t have bad acid reflux, because you will definitely gag when you smell the stench of someone’s sweaty pits. Yes, I understand that sometimes you can’t control it because you’re just “built that way” or you’re in a rush to get to the bus stop on time, but at least swipe some deodorant on your pits before you enter school grounds. Maybe even save up for some cologne or perfume that can replace the smell of dead fish and expired blue cheese. Honestly, stinky pits could put someone in a coma. Maybe change this horrible habit of forgetting to put deodorant on into something positive, and get in the habit of drenching yourself in a high-quality cologne. 

6. Talking over people


I get it, you could be very excited to jump into a conversation you’re interested in, but it’s just disrespectful to the other person. We all love talking, and some people can’t get enough of it. But if someone talks over you, it’s probably the most ‘WTH’ moment. Like, it’s pretty simple to fix this eye rolling habit. How about you respectfully shut your mouth and wait for the other person to finish what they were saying? Most of the time when someone does this you respond with “I wasn’t finished” and that’s a little awkward moment as they’re trying to figure out where they left off in the conversation. Just quit doing this, because no one likes to see someone rolling their eyes at them. Patience is key to this habit. 

7. Slurping soup


I will respectfully slap that spoon out of your mouth if you do this when I’m sitting next to you. That slurping sound from spaghetti or soup makes my hand create a fist, ready to wind up. I mean, this could be easily fixed. Just chew it or gulp it. There is no need to make weird sounds coming from your mouth. Plus, it looks so weird when people do this. Your lip literally quivers and curls into a type of feeding tube, and especially adding that sound, you just look so weird. I’m pretty sure when people do this, there are food pieces and broth just spitting out of their mouth.  Honestly, just put the soup down and stick to a type of food that you can easily cut and swallow. 

8. Firecracker joints


This is something I used to do until I realized how gross it was hearing bones and joints cracking on purpose. Just think about it, you’re making your body crack your bones. That’s got to  make you shiver just thinking about it. The sound is gross itself, but the types of positions y’all do to get that one joint that won’t crack is insane. I don’t know how some of y’all bend that way. I’ve seen people literally put their foot over their head to get that sensational hip bone crack sound. My jaw literally drops to the floor when I hear bones cracking. Like, dang, are you good? All these teens really have joints of an 80 year old grandma. Honestly, I bet your grandma can’t even crack her own knuckles, let alone do some acrobatic poses just to crack her back. 

9. Bad posture


When I see somebody that is literally about to smell their own feet, I instantly stand up or sit up straight. No one wants to look like Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, so if you don’t want to look like the Gateway Arch, adjust yourself. This could very much benefit you. It makes you look snatched. You also look like you’re about to fall over and hit your head on the table in front of you, so if you don’t want people to ask if you’re okay, sit up straight and don’t look like you’re about to lick your toes. This is how you get back problems in the future, and end up making your back sound like fireworks when you attempt to crack your back after sitting like Quasimodo for multiple hours straight. 

1o. Smacking gum


If you think chewing gum and showing everyone your bubble you’ve created out of your mouth is impressive, you’re not in the right mindset. Just think about it, it’s basically chewing with your mouth open, but in this scenario you’re literally showing people your bubble on purpose. Don’t even get me started on the sound it makes. Sometimes it sounds like a full on earthquake, and you start thinking about an escape plan just to realize it’s the blonde girl smacking her gum while twirling her hair, thinking she’s the main character. I know that pretty much everyone does this habit, but it needs to be boycotted. It literally sounds like a cannon and that makes people go #2 in their pants. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the smacking of the gum is a domino effect of bad things bound to happen.