Ram goes (R)EV


Ram Media Center

Side profile of the all-new 2025 Ram 1500 REV. Photo Credit: Ram Media Center.

Jorge Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief

Super Bowl LVII, like any other Super Bowl, featured some of the wildest, funniest, and most interesting TV commercials. Somewhere between those weird, but funny commercials were ads for new products – one of which being Ram’s new pickup truck, the 2025 Ram Revolution 1500 REV. This is Ram’s response to the rapidly growing world of EV pickup trucks, and it is set apart from the rest. Like the Ford Lightning, the Ram REV keeps the traditional body-on-frame chassis, replacing only the traditional gas-powered motor with an all-electric dual-motor system. Though it has yet to replace the gas-powered line of Ram trucks, the Ram REV is an obvious push towards the future of Ram, one that many hope to be very distant from now.

Electric Power

The front trunk, or ‘frunk,’ of the Ram 1500 REV. Photo Credit: Ram Media Center.

Under the hood is Ram’s all-new front trunk, or ‘frunk’ for short. Gone is the traditional V6 or HEMI power plant option.Instead, Ram has implemented electric motors at both the front and rear of the truck. Though it is still far too early to know exact power specifications, Ram states that the REV will be an all-wheel drive pickup, with a chassis that will be big enough to accommodate small or large batteries, hinting at different powertrain options for the REV. Another feature of the REV is air suspension, which can either raise or lower the pickup depending on the circumstances. With this option, efficiency on the road can improve and off-road enthusiasts don’t have to worry about ground clearance. Official numbers for utilitarian features, such as towing or hauling, have not yet been revealed by Ram – however, Ram promises that the towing and payload capacity of the REV will be better than its competitors. As far as battery life and range goes, Ram states that the REV will have a range of up to 500 miles on a single charge – nearly 200 miles more than the extended-range Ford Lightning can drive on a single charge.

Interior Design

The infotainment display inside the Ram 1500 REV. Photo Credit: Ram Media Center.

Inside the Ram REV, there are lots of luxury materials but there is still that pickup truck-like feeling in the cab. Concept art of the REV interior shows a larger center infotainment screen positioned vertically on the dash of the truck. On the front passenger side, another horizontal display is seen. Ram has chosen to keep the dial-shifter for the REV and it is positioned to the left of the infotainment screen as well. At this time, there are no photos from Ram depicting what the entire interior of the vehicle looks like, however it is expected that Ram keeps a similar design to the gas-powered 1500 pickup. Like many of today’s modern vehicles, the Ram REV has a 360-degree camera that makes it easier for users when parking, pulling out from a tight spot, or simply just avoiding possible obstacles. Additionally, a heads-up-display, or HUD, will be optioned in the REV, making it easier for users to view their speed whilst maintaining their eyes on the road.

Exterior Design

The side and rear profile of the Ram 1500 REV. Photo Credit: Ram Media Center.

Outside, the Ram REV features a refined version of Ram’s signature smooth body lines, making the REV more aerodynamic to improve efficiency on the road. With a similar design to the current Ram 1500’s headlights, the Ram REV takes the LED strips from the headlight and extends it partially through the grille, pointing towards the lit RAM emblem at the center of the grille. In the rear, a similar thing is done with the taillights, however only the top of the taillights move in towards the center of the tailgate, again pointing towards another RAM emblem. Everything else on the Ram REV is almost identical to its gas-powered counterpart. Like Ford did with the F150 Lightning, Ram decided to maintain the traditional Ram look with the REV, which they hope will increase sales.


Scheduled to be released to the public in quarter 4 of 2024, the Ram REV is already getting a lot of internet traction. Ram has developed the ‘Ram REV Insider+’ Program for aspiring owners to join with a chance of being among the first to experience Ram’s first electric vehicle. When more information is finally available regarding the powertrain and any additional interior features, it is likely that the already large consumer following will increase. In the past few years, consumer interest in electric vehicles has skyrocketed, leading big automakers like Ford and Ram to experiment with the EV world. It will be interesting to see how the Ram REV pairs against the other EV pickup trucks.