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Remember When: Fashion Trends

Remember When: Fashion Trends

Remember when… Dresses over pants were all the rage. Back in the early 2000s, there wasn’t a single young influencer who wasn’t pulling this look out on the red carpet. And it’s safe to say most of us are thankful this trend finally died out.

Remember when… Scarf tops were made iconic by pop stars like Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera. While the tops made from scarves were an iconic fashion choice and a bold statement, they were also not very practical or appropriate for everyday wear.

Remember when… Flare pants first came into popularity in the late 60s, and I’m glad they’ve stuck around. While they haven’t held a continuous spotlight in fashion, they’ve made several recurrences over the years. Personally, I hope flare pants can stay in the spotlight for a longer period of time.

Remember when… Embroidered denim was found on at least half of women’s and men’s jeans? I loved this trend, as it was an interesting way to show your creativity through a piece that was typically monotone and simple. I remember learning how to embroider ….


Remember when… Belts existed for no reason, I remember buying those stretchy belts to attach to a new sundress or formal dress I had just bought. These things are absolutely hideous and hold no purpose in their existence,


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