What is the best clothing aesthetic?

Isabella Portu, Staff Writer


While the indie clothing aesthetic varies widely in brightness and colors, a few common denominators are oversized jeans, jackets, and typically chunky sneakers. I love that our generation has finally moved away from the uncomfortable apocalypse of skinny jeans. Sometimes, the definition of oversized goes a tad bit too far; I should not be able to stuff two or three other people within your pant leg. However, the combination of baggy jeans with a baby tee gives an outfit the perfect amount of contrast.

Comfortability – 10/10

Range – 3/10

Cost – 8/10



The grunge aesthetic seems to be a subculture of the “indie style” while grunge incorporates the contrast of baggy jeans with a tight-fitting top, the shades tend to stick to darker tones and edgier silver accessories. I love the darker accessories and the chain jewelry style that comes with them. However, this aesthetic doesn’t seem to be very open to the gold girlys of the world and isn’t realistic for daily attire.

Comfortability – 9/10

Range – 3/10

Cost – 7/10


Soft Girl 

The soft girl aesthetic ranges in various pieces, from dresses, skirts, jeans, and sweatpants. However, a commonality often seen is the light pastel colors and florals on said pieces. I like the variety of styles that can be used within this aesthetic and the flexibility of dressing up or down depending on the opportunity.

Comfortability – 6/10

Range – 10/10

Cost – 5/10



The y2k aesthetic will always have a special place in my heart. In the most straightforward description, the y2k style is dressing like a Bratz doll. Some statement pieces of the y2k attire include transparent frameless glasses, low-rise jeans, gogo boots, and furry accessories.

Comfortability – 6/10

Range – 2/10

Cost – 3/10


Dark Academia

The dark academia aesthetic is a more formal, expensive version of the grunge aesthetic. Dark academia is a majority of formal wear, with sweater-style pieces, dress shirts, skirts, and pants, along with slick and simple jewelry adorning it. If the darker tones are where you’re at, this aesthetic may be an excellent option for you if you’re looking for a more professional and dressy look.

Comfortability – 5/10

Range – 9/10

Cost – 7/10\

Rating Scale

Comfortability – 1-10

Range – 1-10

Cost – 1-10

1 – Little to none .

10 – Was literally made for this.

5 – You could make it work.