Peaky Blinders – A Review


Peaky Blinders Promotional Poster Image Credits: BBC Studios

Joe Mietus, Staff Writer

Peaky Blinders is about a gang who make their come up during post-war Great Britain. The group is led by Thomas Shelby who is closely followed by his brothers Arthur and John. Throughout the show the brothers go on a journey growing their status and making lots of money by stealing, running a packaging company, and owning a horse racing track. 

Throughout the show there is plenty of action and many prominent characters suddenly die which makes the show intense and suspenseful. These deaths also affect other characters which keeps you thinking about what will happen next.The Peaky Blinders themselves are really interesting and they each have their own job in the group. The reason they’re called the Peaky Blinders is because they keep razor blades in their hats in order to surprise their opponents with a hidden weapon. 

The show starts in the 1920’s so every character is properly dressed for the decade and the scenery also looks proper. Another interesting part of the show is that many prominent historical figures are included or mentioned such as Winston Churchill or Adolf Hitler. These people add some historical accuracy to the show since they are a reminder of the events happening in the world at that time. It does not only take place in Europe since the Peaky Blinders also travel to the United States. This gets the group involved with the Mafia in the U.S and brings in much more lore and action.

Another prominent part of the show is how the events happening are affecting the characters. When people die it visually affects the characters and breaks them down. This paired with the events they experienced in the war change the plot and give you perspective of how ptsd was undiagnosed and people just tried to deal with it without medical care or attention.

Throughout the show the group finds themselves getting into lots of trouble but also finds tons of success. They work their way through the ranks starting with low level street criminals. To then working with the prime minister and actually have a say in government decisions. Their crimes escalate too. In the beginning the Peaky Blinders start as a small gang that steals, changing books of races and taking out political figures. Overall, if you like to watch shows that have lots of crime and take place in the 1900’s you might want to watch the Peaky Blinders.