Lady Rays Kick Off the Season with a Win

The Lady Rays kicked the season off with a 4-1 dub! The first goal of the season goes to Ellie Ball (#1) with the assist by Hailey Cartwright (#4) and followed with another goal later on in the game. Anna Chamberland (#3) scored with another assist by Cartwright. Lauren Faramouth (#7) assisted Cartwright for the final goal of the night. “The second half we jelled as a team and showcased our skills,”said senior Olivia Watt (#13).  Freshman Hailey Cartwright added that it “was overwhelming to play with the older girls but I knew I had a team of amazing athletes supporting me.” -Hailey Cartwright.

In all, the team started the season of strong and on top with 1-0 record. The best the record the team has ever had.