2022 Prom Night


Abigail Gallup

Prom queen Michelle Armas and the rest of the court dancing.

Jonathan Cao, Staff Writer

May 14, 2022 – prom day. The day where upperclassmen make cherishable memories and moments, they will remember throughout their lives. The event was held at the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort in the ballroom and started at 6:30 PM. Before heading inside the ballroom, students were greeted by Ms. Scott, Mr. Ray, and Ms. Koch. 

“The day where upperclassmen make cherishable memories and moments, they will remember throughout their lives.””

— Jonathan Cao

Around 7:30 pm, food started flowing out as students made their way to their seats. Each student was given three different dishes; an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. The appetizers were caesar salads, the main entree was chicken and mashed potatoes, and the dessert was a warm and sweet chocolate cake topped with rum-soaked cherries and a side of pistachio ice cream. After they ate, music played, and students slowly moved to the dance floor, where they eventually danced and jumped till around 10:00 PM. 

Students find out who the prom king and queen were halfway through the event. The first duos that introduced themselves were Nick Vergo and Camryn Rose. The next duo was Colton Wood and Michelle Armas. The third duo was Andrew Borges and Abigail Gallup. The last duo was Frankie Vargas and Paola Cortazar. After all the nominees were introduced, Ms. Scott was ready to reveal who the prom queen was first. After everyone quieted down, Ms. Scott slowly opens the letter and says ‘Michelle Armas!’ Michelle screams with excitement and everyone claps as Ms. Scott places the tiara on her head. After that, the king was ready to be revealed. There was a quiet pause at first, but then shortly after it was revealed that ‘Nicholas Vergo!’ has become prom king. Everyone screams and claps as Ms. Koch places the crown on his head. Then the DJ plays slow music for both the prom king and queen to celebrate. 

There were many genres of music, such as rap, romantic, and pop. Of all the genres, rap was the most popular and was played the most. I asked students what their favorite songs and moments were during their prom, and these were their answers. Nick Smithem’s – a senior at MIA – favorite song at prom was Look at me by Xxtentacion. He enjoyed jumping up and down inside the mosh pits when the song was playing. Khai Baldwin’s – a senior at MIA – favorite song at prom was Who want smoke by Nardo Wick. During prom, Khai enjoyed learning how to do the cotton eye joe. Zach Ferro’s – a junior at MIA – the favorite song was Suavemente by Elvis Crespo. Zach’s favorite moment was when he danced in the middle of the circle that was made in the mosh pit. 

Prom ended off with one last song before they told the students to leave. After everyone danced their last dance at the event. Eventually, the DJ stopped playing music and waved the students good night. All the students were sad that the night had ended and slowly left the J.W Marriott, where they made great memories that they’ll never forget.