The Truth about Riverdale

The truth about Riverdale


The truth about Riverdale

Rachel Weiner, Contributing Writer

In 2017, a new TV was created. A show with high schoolers, drama, horror, mystery, and a lot more. Starring Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Camila Mendes, Madeline Petsch, and Casey Cott, the awful TV show titled “Riverdale” was born. Riverdale is an original CW show about the original comic book, “Archie” The show follows an innocent, small town that changes once the death of a popular rich boy named Jason Blossom happen at the beginning of the season, right at episode one.. Archie Andrews discovers his love for music and his teacher. Betty Cooper unravels her feelings for Archie and her family secrets. Veronica Lodge is the new girl, who is a threat to cheerleading captain Cheryl Blossom, Jason’s twin sister.

 Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead band together to find the mysteries behind Jason Blossom’s murder and other secrets about the town. Now that the show has 6 going on 7 seasons, it never seems to truly stop. Many people who used to watch the show have started to wonder, how are they keeping this AWFUL show going?

Betty’s dad becomes a serial killer? Jughead becomes a Rat King? Betty and Archie have superpowers? CHERYLS A CULT LEADER? What has this show become and why are we letting it continue. Especially since they just confirmed the 7TH SEASON. Also, if you actually care about this show, don’t read because I will be spoiling it.

Now let’s be honest, I did watch the first three seasons. During the first season, I really believed this show had a chance of being good. I love mystery shows and I thought that since they were high schoolers I would find it more relatable. Boy was I wrong. During the first season (one of the only normal seasons), Cheryl’s twin brother, Jason Blossom was murdered. The gang (Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica) work together to crack the case and we find out more secrets about how the town isn’t as perfect as it seems. 

Pretty normal right? I was ready for season two by this point. In season two, the Black Hood was the topic of the season. A serial killer scares the town and everyone in it. Sending threatening notes to Betty, the crew takes this case and continues to crack more secrets. Turns out the killer who literally is shooting Betty’s friends and their family is HER FATHER. Red flag. Whose idea was this? But, it did leave me shocked enough to watch the third season. 

By the third season, I started questioning why I was watching this show. This season was filled with the game “Griffins and Gargoyles”. How does one explain this game? Described in an article written by Bustle It was played like Dungeons & Dragons, but had Jumanji-like consequences. The game was developed by the Sisters of Quiet Mercy as a twisted disciplinarian method, and used a drug called “fizzle rocks” to alter the minds of the players. In service of a costumed villain called “The Gargoyle King” who demanded sacrifice, playing G&G resulted in multiple suicides and homicides around town.” I was losing interest. Everything in this area of the show got too confusing, weird, and straight-up embarrassing. 

I can thankfully say by this point, I stopped watching. Maybe it was the musical numbers of “Carrie”, and “Heathers” that really got me to stop. But my confusion for the show didn’t stop there. Although I couldn’t find myself watching it anymore, I kept up on it to see just how weird it could get. Some things I really can’t believe happened are listed:

Weirdest Plot Pieces in Riverdale:

1.) There are alien corpses that are cemented in maple syrup (Season 5) Literally if anyone would explain this I would listen. Aliens? Why?

2.) Superpowers to Betty and Archie (Season 6) “In the latest episode, Betty discovered she could see people’s auras and Archie realized he now has impenetrable skin and super strength.” Okay if I am being honest in another show with a different plot this idea would be really good but since it’s Riverdale I think this was a very bad idea. 

3.) The Parallel Universe (Season 6) During this whole era of them having a “parallel universe” apparently half the town has sold their soul to the devil, and he comes to collect his property and bring them to RIVERVALE. RIVERVALE YEAH. At least be more creative. But some of the characters end up meeting their doppelganger and killing them, it’s a lot and this doesn’t really make sense to me.

4.) Mothman (Season 6) Apparently “Mothman” has been in Riverdale since the late 1970s. Jughead interviews a crazy Mothman expert and let’s just say, it gets weird. “He comes across a Mothman sculpture made of scrap in the front yard. Dreyfus hands Jughead a sketchbook filled with drawings of Mothmen while explaining how he and a group of buddies were hired about 30 or 40 years ago to dig out a collapsed mine not far off the Lonely Highway.” LITERALLY WHAT. I literally cannot understand anymore, it just doesn’t make sense.

5.) The new couples (Season 5) “ Betty and Archie, Veronica and Reggie, and Jughead and Tabitha are going strong. And in other couple news: We’re still pretending Toni and Fangs are a thing.” Why did the entire friend group basically date each other? This isn’t too important to the show but I feel there’s no reason they all needed to always have a love interest.

6.) Going into the past/ going into the future (Season 5) “There’s a jump of seven years into the future, Archie returns to his hometown after fighting in a war. Archie gets the gang back together to fight Veronica’s father Hiram, where a bomb goes off and the show jumps 7 years into the future. We see the original gang’s lives and how they all leave Riverdale and go onto their own lives.” This actually makes a bit more sense than some of the other stuff that the writers thought of. Also, should I mention that the cast gets the script the day they’re filming for the scenes they are doing? Yeah maybe that’s why no one knows what’s going on, the actors don’t even understand the show they’re filming.

7.) Organ farm (Season 3) Okay I actually did watch this season and it scared me. I feel like the idea of throwing a cult in was a good idea but maybe not in this way. They gathered high schoolers and mixed the musical “Carrie” into it. Should I say more? They also literally stole their organs.

8.) Cheryl keeping her DEAD BROTHERS BODY (Season 3) Yeah I am not going to explain this. This was so gross.

9.) The Serpent Gang, the Ghoulies, and gangs (Literally every season) How is this normal for high schoolers? Jughead at the age of 16 was sent to kill 3 people just to join a gang. I swear the ongoing push to have these gangs relevant will be the death of me.

10.) Veronica’s nightclub (Season 2) This also made more sense. We love a businesswoman. Taking her father’s money and opening her own business was a power move. 

11.) The Sisters of Quiet Mercy (Season 2 and 3) Yeah this also really scared me. The nuns from a church (where Betty and her sister were sent multiple times) threatened them with drug games. I feel like this plotline was good and if it was continued in the right way, it would have kept me interested.



And with all of that, this show needs to be stopped. There are so many amazing shows that have been canceled and this one is still going? There is so much more I can say about how wrong this show is, but I think that’s enough for now.