The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The Conjuring- Review by Briana Stavac

The Conjuring- Review by Briana Stavac

Briana Stavac , Staff Writer

The plot starts off as a very tense scene; then it slows down, then the emotion gets back to very tense. The movie never lets you down, and neither do the characters. Throughout the movie, it is very clear what characters you’d hate or who you’d love. There is so much love in this movie as an emotion that is shown, which gets you attached to the characters as well. 


The Conjuring series is, in fact, based on an actual situation that happened, but the movie portrays it in a very interesting and entertaining way. The movie starts off with the Warrens doing an investigation which turns into an exorcism of a little boy named David. The demon that possesses David leaves his body and jumps into the body of a teen named Arne, which is David’s older brother. With the movie starting off this way, it already hooks you and gives you insight into what the movie may be about. Lorraine Warren has a vision of what may be causing David to be possessed, which foreshadows what they might be dealing with. Something happens to Ed Warren, Lorraine’s husband, which puts him in the hospital. This situation puts the audience on the edge of their seat, hoping that he’ll be okay. 


The demon now possesses Arne, he is seen with his girlfriend and this older guy that works as a dog sitter. Arne ends up stabbing this guy due to the demon he sees, he is walking down the road with blood all over him when a cop drives by, Arne is still possessed. The cop stops and calls out Arne’s name, Arne is no longer possessed and looks at the cop, he is arrested and then the murder is seen on the news. This riles up the whole town since something like this never happens, this makes everyone worry and causes a lot of chaos. 


While this is happening, Ed is still passed out in the hospital, once Ed wakes up he proceeds to warn Lorraine that Arne is now the one possessed. Lorraine and Ed go to the cell that Arne is being held in, they have him read from the bible while a cross sits next to him to test if he’s possessed and nothing happens. They think he isn’t possessed anymore but they’re wrong. Later in the movie, they slowly figure out that some girl sold her soul and summoned this demon,

She uses cult-like figures to summon the demon and possess them. 


Once the Warrens figure this out, they begin to hunt her down and figure out where she is, this is when the climax of the movie begins. Ed ends up getting possessed once Lorraine finds this woman’s hidden altar that she uses to summon the demons. While Ed is possessed, he tries to use a sledgehammer to kill Lorraine but Lorraine keeps yelling to him about love, which breaks the possession. Ed proceeds to bring the sledgehammer down on the altar, breaking the connection and any future possessions. The demon comes out and kills the woman since the ritual wasn’t finished.


This movie keeps the audience on the edge of their seat, yanking their emotions around. Making them happy, scared, sad, and it keeps looping around. There is never a part of the movie that would bore the audience, it is always entertaining and keeps them engaged.