Ray’s Praise


Madison Moyer, Contributing Writer

What is Ray’s Praise?

Ray’s Praise is an opportunity for students at MIA to show their appreciation for others. Whether it’s a classmate, teacher, or another staff member, these praises offer us a chance to show our respect and admiration for someone which will certainly brighten their day.

Sophia Dolecki

Sophia is so nice and always makes my day by complimenting my outfits a2nd selling me donuts on Fridays!! From: Sophia Lowrie

Sophia truly makes my day better!

Collete Combs 

Collette always brightens my day, even if I only see her for a few minutes in the hallway.

Abby Gallup

Abby has worked so hard on the newspaper and to help everyone with college as well. She also has a great attitude!!

Mrs. Koch

Mrs. Koch always helps me and other classmates when we are struggling to understand a certain topic and I really appreciate that. From: Jorge Rodriguez

Mr. Ray

Mr. Ray is doing an amazing job in The Little Mermaid and has made the show so much more fun. 

Mr. Scalia 

Protected his students in block 3 from the intruder and Mr. Ray. Such a brave man – Abby saw it. 

Mr. Eder

He is just beautiful. From: Hannah Jahn

Mrs. Galiana 

Mrs. G is always supportive and caring toward all of her students and she always makes sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces. Her efforts don’t go unnoticed and I appreciate everything she does for her students. From: Sophia Lowrie

Norma Tidor

I had a breakdown Friday and she was there to make sure I was okay and to help calm me down. 

Riley Letendre

She made it through the week and tech week.

Taylor Drott

April 6th – Happy birthday, Taylor!! Thank you for always being there for me. From: Estefany

Brandon Dominguez

Been an amazing friend all these years and a huge help to me. 

Logan Scalia

Logan always high-fives me back when I put my hand up for him!

Logan’s articles are always super interesting and his drawings add so much to them! It’s impressive that he creates the drawings himself to include in the articles he writes.

Kira Swanson

She is my best friend. From: Logan Scalia

Michelle Armas

Michelle is such an amazing and sweet person who just lights up everyone’s day!

Angel Bartlett

She has the coolest outfits.

Sophie Braun 

She has such an amazing style.

Bella Burgos 

Bella did so good as Ursula in the little mermaid, so proud of you!

Cassie Letendre

Cassie, you did an amazing job in The Little Mermaid!

Sophia Lowrie

Sophia brings a big smile to my day! 

Madi Moyer

I love Madi with my whole heart. 

Bella Portu

She is such a cool person.