Euphoria Review

Euphoria Review


Euphoria Review

Jonathan Cao, Staff Writer

Euphoria has two seasons with a total of 18 episodes. I feel like this show is relatable to many teenagers who could be going through tough times and addiction. In the show, the main character Rue is a high school student who navigates through her struggles. As a high school student who lost her father at a young age, she went through many obstacles and learned more about herself, including drugs, started drinking, questioning her sexuality, etc. 

The show displays nudity, profanity, and drug use so I would recommend this show to a more mature audience. I think the teenagers from the younger generations could relate to this since many abuse drugs to either get them “high” or to relieve themselves in a way. The show displays a variety of mental illnesses in an attempt to bring awareness to its growing audience.

Very relatable to Generation Z, the show expresses drug usage difficulties as well as many other issues that young people today see and/or face. Most of the time, the show presents these hard topics in a light and humorous manner, while still displaying all of the negative and serious consequences that it has.  The show has a very strong step into realism not only in the sex/porn scenes but also in how a lot of teenage interactions work.

Euphoria conveys all of the characters’ stories/backgrounds in brief monologue summaries spoken by the protagonist, from which a lot of hilarious situations occur.

Overall, I would rate this show 9/10 story-wise.