Ray’s Praise


Madison Moyer, Staff Writer

What is Ray’s Praise?

Ray’s Praise is an opportunity for students at MIA to show their appreciation for others. Whether it’s a classmate, teacher, or another staff member, these praises offer us a chance to show our respect and admiration for someone which will certainly brighten their day.

James Asbell

James is very cool! His smile always brightens up my day and he has helped me on multiple occasions with his kindness.

 Enrique Ramirez-Gildardo

Enrique is a great friend he always plays Pokemon Go with me and he is the flash when it comes to homework and soccer. He is the GOAT. 

Mr. Butler

Mr. Butler is such a nice person and an even better teacher. He makes his classes fun and keeps his students interested. 

Jack Lamb

They always have the cutest outfits and are so nice! 

Ava Tobiason

Ava is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. She is always smiling and is filled with the best energy. From: Madi

Rachel Wiener 

Rachel always makes my day better and even brought me Starbucks one day. Love you so much, Rachel!

Jackie Hariharan

Jackie always has the best makeup and outfits. She’s so funny and nice and I always love hanging out with her <3 

Sophia Dolecki 

She is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and always makes creative photography better!

Ms. Scott 

Ms. Scott is the best principal I’ve ever had. She truly cares for each and every one of her students and staff members. She is such an angel and so sweet. Love you, Ms. Scott! From: Madi