Ray’s Praise


Madison Moyer, Staff Writer

What is Ray’s Praise?

Ray’s Praise is an opportunity for students at MIA to show their appreciation for others. Whether it’s a classmate, teacher, or another staff member, these praises offer us a chance to show our respect and admiration for someone which will certainly brighten their day.

Cory Mendoza-Jauregui 

Cory is one of the nicest people on the planet; he’ll help you out when you’re struggling with something in class. From: Your Cousin, Luis Jauregui

Sandris Mendoza-Jauregui 

She’s very quiet and a nice person to talk to. She is like her brother, who’ll help you with any class you’re struggling in right now. For example,  in Algebra 2 Honors, she’ll help me if I’m confused with something. From: Your Cousin, Luis Jauregui

Claudia De Peppo

You’re easily one of the nicest people I’ve met in my life! Whenever I get the chance to talk to you, you brighten my day! 

Austin Hendrick

He’s a very nice person to talk to and always takes the time to listen. He’s a great cashier at Publix (the big one) too!

Gavin Lang

This man is easily the funniest man on the planet, an absolute goat. 

Jorge Vargas

This legend always has the time to listen to you talk, which is great. He’s one of the goats and MVPs of the Seniors. 

Sommar Kashey

She is a very nice person to talk to and will always help you with any question. She’s such a great person!

Colin Donegan 

This man is a stud. He’s super friendly and is a great person to work with whenever there’s a  group assignment.

Jenna Golec

Her attitude is great whenever you have her in a class. She’s super energetic, which is good when there isn’t anything fun about a class. She is also a very nice person. 

Angel Bartlett 

She has a very beautiful voice when singing.

Daniel Donaldson

Absolute legend when talking to him. He’s a great person, very chill, and a hard worker in class. 

Mr. Eder

The man, the myth, the legend himself gives out some pretty good life lessons – plus makes your day on a daily basis. 

He’s always a happy and inspirational face at school. Not to mention I’m pretty sure he’s met 75% of the world’s population.

Mr. Butler

The goat! A very relaxed teacher – especially when talking about Star Wars to him about the Book of Boba Fett, where he nerds out the most! The man is just a wonderful person, plus he helps out when reviewing your essay for English. 

Joe Mietus

He is a super chill person and always has the time to listen to you. I will cherish the conversations I’ve had with Joe, along with the other people joining in.

Sidney Plunkett 

She has a nice smile. 

John Boxma 

The goat. He’s a behemoth when coming to hard work and logical ideas when questioned by the teachers. He is very smart and has the time to listen to what you’re saying to him. Super chill person in general. The MVP. 

Lily Tessarzik 

A very nice person and has a nice smile.

Cadence Snover

She is very good at basketball, she has a nice smile and is very kind. 

Jocelyn Snover 

She is very good at basketball, she has a nice smile and is very kind.

Luis Jauregui

He’s a very positive person. He always tries to motivate everyone and brighten their days. He’s always there to talk to you about anything. He’s always kind to everyone he meets.

Luis deserves a Ray’s Praise because he is such a genuine guy. He’s super funny, and he’s always going to be there for you. He’s easy to get along with and a great friend.

Luis is such a cool guy!! I love how he never hesitates to give everyone he sees a big smile in the hallway. Luis always checks up on everyone he knows and makes sure every person he encounters knows he appreciates them. It’s the little things that Luis does that may go unnoticed, but are cherished by so many. I can’t even begin to describe the number of times where I was having a rough day, and Luis would cheer me up and make me laugh. I always looked forward to seeing him last year in my last block class. He’s the best! 

Shahzodbek Rahmonov 

Shahzodbek is a good person. He frequently asks me how my day is. He has positive vibes when you get to know him. Shahz also helps me with my homework.

He gave me advice on how to fix my response on an assignment.

Kira Swanson

She has helped me so much this week when it came to being stressed out and is a very, very nice person overall.

Abby Gallup 

Whenever I am stressed out, she always helps me as my friend and makes me a better person overall. 

Joshua Dominguez 

Josh is always there to lend a helping hand to everyone. He’s the type of guy who always has your back and understands the meaning of friendship. Although he may seem quiet and reserved at first, once you get to know him, you see a whole other side of him that is goofy, sweet, and cat-loving. I am SOO lucky to call him one of my closest guy friends. Thank you, Josh for being such an all-around great person. 

Madi Moyer 

Hun lyser min dag op hverdag med sin positive energi!! Translation: She lights up my day with her positive energy!!

She is just the absolute sweetest person at this school.

Sophia Lowrie 

Jeg glæder mig til at se dig hver dag! Translation: I look forward to seeing you every day! 

Jackie Hariharan 

She has really funny jokes in class and is really good at drawing cool animals. I always laugh when we sit together and my classes become more entertaining, especially when we talk about our wack dreams in Psychology class. From: Sophia 

Jorge Rodriguez 

He always goes the extra mile to help me with my work and whenever I need help. 

Bella Burgos 

She has been my best friend throughout high school and has become the biggest support whenever I need it. She is so sweet and deserves a Ray’s Praise all the time.

Taylor Drott

Throughout anything that has been thrown at her, she has been strong through it all and is the kindest person I know.

Mr. Howard

I appreciate all the help that Mr. Howard has given me the past 3 years at MIA. Having him as a math teacher since Freshman year has been great, and I have learned a lot. Plus, Mr. Howard is an awesome person to talk to. From: Jorge Rodriguez 

Payton Rice

She is always by my side and pushing me to do my work and make the right choices. She also is a great worker and deserves all the attention!!!

Colton Wood

He made that very nice free throw in the game, something we’ll never see again. DONDA 2!