Ray’s Praise


Madison Moyer, Staff Writer

What is Ray’s Praise?

Ray’s Praise is an opportunity for students at MIA to show their appreciation for others. Whether it’s a classmate, teacher, or another staff member, these praises offer us a chance to show our respect and admiration for someone which will certainly brighten their day.

Michelle Armas

Michelle, with no hesitation, deserves much Rays Praise.  She steps up and pours her love and support to MIA.  From cheerleader to basketball player, she gets our fans revved up by being our Manta Ray at games. To top all of that, Michelle has even done ‘commenting’ for one of our boy’s basketball games in between her backflips as a cheerleader. It has been a pleasure to know and watch Michelle grow into the beautiful, smart young lady she has become. From: Deneen Rose

Claudia De Peppo

You brighten everyone’s day with your smile and positivity!! 

Mrs. Galiana

For your constant guidance and listening ear! From: Your work bestie!

Leonardo Demartino

Thank you for always being helpful and kind to everyone in class and for always making everyone laugh whenever we need it. 

Mr. Ray

Has the courage to be King Triton and sing. 

Daniel Heekin

He always makes everyone laugh and is so helpful to everyone!! I think he’s the funniest person I know.  

Colby Chute 

This man is an absolute stud with just the way he’s a hard worker, give this man respect!

Colby is always nice to everyone. He’s also an amazing soccer and baseball player. 

Shamus Coyle

He has been an incredible friend and person by being both nice and funny. From: Colby Chute

Haylen Irvan

Haylen is one of the kindest and funniest people I know. She is always there to help and will be greatly missed next year!!

Madison Skrzynski

She is an outstanding student who always completes work, tries her hardest in school, and gets good grades. She is also an amazing and very supportive friend who is always there for her friends. From: Kamden Engle

Taylor Drott

Taylor is a hard worker and a truly admirable person. She never backs down from any challenge and charges like a bull towards any hardship. She is one of the kindest, most genuine people I know and just an overall amazing person. Taylor is a person I know I can trust and always appreciate. I will forever treasure my time and memories with her. 

James Asbell

He is a hardworking student and a very nice, chill person to talk to.

James has always been a dependable friend, and I will forever appreciate his kindness. He’s the type always to make time for you, talk with you, and make you feel included. He’s also a really funny guy.

Jorge Rodriguez

Jorge is one of the kindest people I’ve been given the privilege to know. I will forever treasure my time with him.

Super chill and hard worker, prompt to him with making the best video for our ad campaign in AICE English Language!

Mr. Letendre 

They have been helping me through tough times and assisting in finding myself out. For that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you!

Mr. Ray

This was a while ago, but he let me get food from the snack shack when I had missed lunch one time and has made sure I was fed for other times when I forgot money. From: Zoie Swift 

Aiden Boughton

This man is an absolute goat with how he’s super friendly, hard-working, and deserves to be president for Key Club!

John Boxma 

John Willem Hendrick Alexander Boxma is an exquisite gentleman. He has the intellectual mind of Albert Einstein. 

He always pushes me on the right path, even if it means he needs to tell me something I need to hear, not want to hear. From: Troy Morales

Makayla Hendrick 

She is easily the nicest person on the planet, just one smile and she’ll brighten your day!

Katie Carley

Katie is one of my favorite people ever. She motivates me to do my school work by doing it with me. She is always buying me Starbucks and gives me lollipops. Yummy!

Taylor Drott

A very nice and helpful person who’s very positive all the time!

Abby Gallup

She is a nice, great person and a hard worker.

Xavier Parra 

He is the ‘GOAT’, super chill, and MVP of the Seniors, without a doubt.

Angel Haynes

They made me laugh plenty when they stole my AirPods, which brought up my day.

Cory Mendoza-Jauregui

Cory is probably one of the smartest people I know. He always seems to have the answer to my questions. Not just that, but he is also always willing to help you, even if it’s with something that he’s not necessarily good at. I’m glad to have a friend like Cory.

He is a very happy and positive person. His smile is very contagious, and he always tries to help people out whenever someone is struggling. He always welcomes everyone, even when they’re new.

Mr. Eder

He goes the extra mile every day. From: Ian Campbell 

Charli Noyes

She helped me with my homework.

Briana Stavac

Let me listen to music with her when my earbuds were dead. 

Skylar Siems

For being really nice and supportive every day no matter what.

Zoie Swift

Although some free popcorn was involved, Zoie stopped by my room after school and helped prepare it for Enrollment Night. Zoie also frequently stopped by my room before/after school just to say hello and spread some joy. From: Mr. Bruce

Astrid Fossoe 

Astrid is the sweetest person ever and I’m so happy she came to our school. 

Sophia Lowrie 

Sophia is so nice and always has the best outfits!!