Hometown Heroes: Marianne and Dinos Iordanou


Athletes display their last name proudly at the tops of their jerseys. They proudly wear their team’s name along with their own name as they conquer each court, field, or track. The Iordanou name is recognized as both a last name and a team name. Marianne and  Dinos Iordanou are a team, husband and wife, that work together to be the change they seek in their community. 

Mr. and Mrs. Iordanou are a team for change. They believe “education is the ladder of society,” and show it in their actions to support our school. From investing in a new scoreboard for MIA at Winterberry Park to donating the Arts and Athletic center for the new building, the Iordanous see the importance of working together.  Ultimately, they are a team that intends on being successful and improving the community in any way they can.

When looking at a team, it is important to look at each individual player, along with their impact on the team as a whole. Marianne Iordanou is a determined woman who many students look up to. In New York, Mrs. Iordanou acted as Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for Our Lady of Mercy Academy and chaired their capital campaign to build a new technology center for the school. When she overheard about the need for funding and support at Marco Island Academy, she knew this was a great opportunity to contribute to their new community, and an opportunity to act on their calling to help children. Mrs. Iordanou graciously offered to help and upon meeting Jane Watt, her decision was finalized. She chaired our entire Capital Campaign for the new build.  From there, she says “the rest is history.” Indeed it was history, a history leading up to a home run; our new campus.

At a young age, Marianne Iordanou had a spark of curiosity when it came to athletics. However, she wasn’t allowed to participate in sports because her father believed it wasn’t appropriate for women. With age, her passion for athletics grew, prompting her to work with her husband and donate to the Arts and Athletics Department at Marco Island Academy. In addition, Mrs. Iordanou had also noticed that there wasn’t much of a theatre program on the island. In theatre, a cast full of actors works like that of a team. In her eyes, “teamsmanship gives kids pride, and the theatrical performances and working together brings kids together,” so donating to build up both programs was the perfect way to bring the importance of working together into the lives of many students.

The other player on the team, Mr. Iordanou, also sees a lot of importance in education. Somewhere in a small town in Greece, was a young boy seeking education. His hometown did not have access to quality education. When Dinos Iordanou was 19, he moved to the United States and worked several jobs to be able to pay for a better education. He saw firsthand what school can do for someone and how it impacts their success, so he wanted to repay society by contributing to MIA’s educational facilities. He added, “you need a great curriculum, a great staff, and the proper facilities to help shape young minds.” Building this new school will provide not only the proper facilities but numerous expansive opportunities to the growing youth of Marco Island. 

The Iordanous are very excited to see this community “moving ahead and not staying stagnant.” A team must work cooperatively to move as a well-oiled machine. Mrs. Iordanou wants to see the community thrive and for everyone to enjoy the opportunities Marco Island has to offer. The Iordanous will always be a part of the Marco Island Academy family, and their contribution to building up this community and truly believing in MIA’s message will help to create a strong foundation for young leaders. The Iordanou team will forever be known to all at MIA as they continue score for our MIA family.