Hometown Heroes: Mark Melvin


Emma Blankenship

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin in the new gym

Mark Melvin, a man not seeking recognition but very deserving of it. You might see him walking through the halls or giving tours of the brand new building. 

Regardless of the size or scope, Mark Melvin continually makes it a point to help out, living to serve his community, especially the students of Marco Island Academy. He understands the importance of direct involvement and personal connection. That’s why Melvin invests in the little things like donating candy canes for the holiday season and investing quality time on campus with the students. 

After the devastation of Hurricane Irma, fate would have it that Melvin would find his home on Marco Island. His will to serve and his ability to help led him to discover the need for a permanent campus as the Marco Island Academy student body quickly grew. As he came to know Jane Watt, the Chairperson of the Academy, and her mission, he made the decision to officially get involved in the construction of the permanent campus.

With his history in IT development, Melvin brought a crucial perspective to the building and it’s new technology. With the progression of the new build, Melvin also became a part of the Capital Campaign. 

Melvin has always followed his mother’s advice to, “give until it hurts.” This selflessness has become the foundation for his contributions to the scholarship opportunities for MIA students and the building as a whole. Reflecting back on his high school years, Melvin understands the importance of community and has mirrored this through his donations. Most recently his contribution to the Class of 2021 naming-right opportunity for a set of home bleachers has reflected the importance of student involvement. 

Mr. Melvin hopes the new building will serve as a catalyst for opportunity and eventual success. He has been inspired by the students and the sense of community on campus and treasures his continued opportunity to further MIA.  

Melvin’s willingness to give stands true as he reminds students to always remember to “take advantage of the opportunities and to repay the people that helped you get where you are today.”