Remember When: Shoes



Remember When… shoe edition

Arlette Villela, Staff Writer

1. LED Light Shoes

These were the ultimate flex (LED Shoes)

LED Light Up shoes were originally  popular in the 90’s, but then made a comeback in 2016. Everyone wanted a pair of these shoes. They were available in only a certain amount of stores and were sold out half of the time.


2.  Platform Sandals

What were we thinking? (

Platform sandals were another 90’s trend. Some famous celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Prince wore them.


3. Chunky Fila Sneakers

I swear we still see these (

Just a couple of years ago these shoes had come back in style. Along with the LED Light Up Shoes and platform sandals, these shoes had also been originally popular in the 90’s. They recently became popular once again along with many other 90’s trends. 

4. Plastic Princess Shoes

These tasted amazing (pintrest)

If you were a girl growing up in the 2000’s more than likely you probably wore these princess shoes. These shoes came along with   the corresponding princess dress or were also sold alone. 

5. Heelys

These were a death wish (heelys)

Heelys were super popular in the early 2000’s. Almost everyone had a pair of these. They looked like your regular pair of sneakers but on the bottom had a pair of wheels. If you had a pair of these when you were younger then you were considered a cool kid.