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Remember When: Elementary Edition

Remember When: Elementary School

1.Remember when we had recess 

The playground rush (BRANDON THIBODEAUX )

Before lunchtime, we would all be super excited to play on the playground! People would sprint to the swings in hopes of getting one of the seats. We all remember when we had to pour the sand out of our shoes after an intense recess. No matter where you look, playgrounds are bound to bring back fond memories. For some, it might make them teary-eyed. Recess was always fun, but just make sure you weren’t the kid getting shoved off something. 


2.Remember when we got snack time

The classic “ants on a log” (JAMES RANSOM)

We would all bring snacks and sometimes even trade with each other. Your teachers would always give you the constant reminder to bring a healthy snack. Snack time was always a part of the day everyone looked forward to. Though it’s a faint memory for some, snack time was always the center of gossip and conversation. You just didn’t want to be that kid with the celery sticks and broccoli. 

3. Remember when we had to walk in the “line”

The “line” in elementary school (Eric Gay)

In dead silence, students would walk down the hall in a single file line. Everyone wanted to be the line leader. Some teachers have a system where they would rotate line leaders some would just pick random students. We would all walk down to recess in a line and as soon as we hit the pavement we would run faster than a cheetah to get to those precious swings.

4.Remember when we would play family

“Let’s all play family!” (Miranda Klein)

Everyone would always call a different rule from mom, dad, sister and some even wanted to be a dog or a cat. It was always a lot of fun and I’m still friends with some of the people I would play family with. It was a way to escape reality and create your own. There was always little elementary school drama around your family. There was always at least one group of people playing it at recess, just don’t join someone else’s family without formal notice, family drama is no joke.


5. Remember when we had storytime

The classic carpet time (John M. Steiner)

There was the little carpet in the front of the classroom where we would all sit in our spots, each of us listening closely to the teacher. Some teachers would read “The Gingerbread Man” or “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”. If you were advanced you might’ve even read a Harry Potter book, or maybe even a book from Percy Jackson or The Magic Tree House series.

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