Putting in the Effort


The Marco Island Academy golf team

“Golf is such a great opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle of fitness and activity. ”

— Mr. Miller

Marco Island Academy’s golf team started out a lot like some of the other sports. The season starts in August and plays through October. The team practices at Hammock Bay and Rookery Golf Course at Fiddler’s Creek. The golf matches take place at local country clubs like Bear’s paw or Vineyards. Matches are on weekdays and usually start at 4:00. The season ends when basketball and soccer begin. 

The golf team’s main coach is Mr. Miller, with the assistant coaches being Mr. Butler and Mr. Siems. The Marriott Golf Professionals offer coaching and advice to the golf team throughout the season. 

This year, the golf team has grown a bit with over 20 kids participating amongst the boys and girls teams together. Many of the golfers on the team tend to be beginners. In the past, the golf team has not had to make cuts, but if the numbers keep continuing to rise, they may have to by making the students tryout during the first week of school. To join the golf team, all a student needs is sports physical and then they can talk to Mr. Miller or Ms. Roberts about joining the team.