Top 10 Most Ridiculous Trends That Should’ve Stayed in 2019


Prestley Irvan, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Note: (With my time as the creator/writer of BuzzKill coming to a close, I thought we’d come full circle from where it all began. So, Sit back and enjoy…or don’t…that’s fine too.)


1. VSCO Girls: Need I say much more? These Birkenstock wearing, scrunchie sharing, turtle saving girls have taken the internet by storm by simply doing nothing. If you’ve never heard of a VSCO girl, be glad because sksksksksk and oop aren’t exactly real words and I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore! The last time I checked I’m pretty sure VSCO is a photo app and not a person, but let’s leave this way behind in 2019 , like way way way behind.]


2.  Movie Reboots: Now, I know some of you may not agree with me, but hear me out here. I feel like 2019 was just a year of remakes and reboots to be honest. Where’s the new ideas and the creativity people?! Sure, some of these remakes turn out pretty decent, but we need something new and NOW! I don’t want to feel deja-vu everytime I enter the movie theater! Sheesh! 



3. Fortnite: I’m probably going to be completely despised for this, but I’m willing to take the risk for the sanity of everyone. Staying up until 4 a.m., eating Cheez-Balls from your bedroom, and blowing your money on in-game purchases, is simply ridiculous! It’s time for a new hobby and Fortnite needs to go! 



4. Tiny Sunglasses: Yes, I know this was a big trend in the early 2000’s but please, please, PLEASE leave it there. How could these sunglasses possibly protect your eyes?! They don’t even cover your eyes! We’ve seen some pretty ridiculous trends but I think this one shines brighter than the sun burning your eyes while you wear these things! 



5. The Lip Challenge: If you are really doing this to yourself, I’m so sorry. Seriously though, this trend is absolutely stupid and it doesn’t even make your lips look good! Kylie Jenner may have started the “big lip” trend but not everyone can look like that and believe me, just when you think it might be a bad idea, that’s probably because it is! P.S. When I say don’t try this at home, I mean it! Don’t give me any LIP about it either!




6. Tik Tok: This really speaks for itself. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING special about Tik Tok. It’s basically which was left in the dark ages and DIDN’T need to be revived! Clapping your hands and spinning around on camera while lip-syncing is not talent and shouldn’t get as much credit as it gets. By the way, as far as I know, Tik Tok is ACTUALLY the name of Ke$ha’s hit song, so zero points for originality on this one! 



7. Dad Sneakers: Okay, okay, some throwback styles are actually pretty cool, but this one, not so much. The trend of wearing shoes that look like the shoes of a suburban dad with his wife and three kids is not “stylish”. I don’t care how much money or fame you have, NOBODY can make this look a good one. I bet if these were in a contest for the world’s ugliest sneakers, they’d be a real SHOE-in! 



8. Gray Hair: This one is very strange for sure. Millenials all over the world are hopping on this new trend of purposely dying their hair gray. I mean, wouldn’t you rather just wait until you get gray hairs NATURALLY?! I really don’t get it, elderly people are trying to look younger and younger people are trying to look older. Not sure dying your hair this color is such a GRAY-t idea. 

9. Oversized Band T-Shirts: Now, this one really isn’t that bad, if you know who the band is and you listen to it! Wearing band shirts may be a popular “aesthetic” nowadays, but it’s NOT cool if you don’t know what the band on your shirt is! If you don’t know who the Rolling Stones are, here’s an idea, DON’T WEAR A SHIRT WITH THEIR LOGO ON IT! Not sure when this trend started but it shouldn’t have. 



10. Gloomy-Sounding Pop Music: Isn’t the point of pop music to be upbeat and to make you happy? Yeah, this isn’t what we had in mind either. Stars like Billie Eilish have taken the world by storm with her whisper-like music that you can’t understand. Seriously people, this type of music is sad and the lyrics are far from understandable. After all “when the party’s over” hopefully this style of music will be too.