Teacher Feature: Mr. Swope

Colin Donegan, News Editor

Last year, multiple vacancies were left in the Marco Island Academy Science Department. Mr. Brandon Swope will be filling one of the open positions, and is one of the newest instructors to be added to the Marco Island Academy staff. Swope, who teaches Chemistry and Physics, has recently filled the absence in Room 201.

Mr. Swope was born in Finley, Ohio. He attended Bowling Green State University, where he majored in Chemistry and Physics Education. After college, he moved to the outskirts of Charlotte, North Carolina, and taught there for five years. Swope explained that he has wanted to become a teacher since he was in the fifth grade. Once he was in eighth and ninth grade, he started to really enjoy science. Swope expressed that “we need good science teachers,” to which he added that was a major motivating factor in him deciding to become a science instructor. 

Swope met Ms. Scott over the summer, and offered his name to her in the event any teaching positions were to ever become available at MIA. He expressed interest in the school, and received a call back saying that there was an opening in the school’s Science Department. Mr. Swope stated: “I believe in the mission behind the school, which is making a better educational environment for students… I think there’s something to be said about the school being run by local people that know what the school needs.” To Swope, this was an incentive in his decision to teach at MIA. He also addressed the fact that it has been enjoyable working with the student body at Marco Island Academy.

Mr. Swope lives next door to The Estuary and likes walking to work. Since moving to Marco Island, he has taken up pickleball, and plays at the YMCA. He stated that his family enjoys visiting the beach and watching the sunsets. Additionally, Swope has a small dog, with whom he takes to Mackle Park to walk.

“I love to sing.” Swope explained that he and some of his students sang various songs from musicals the day before Christmas break.  “Maybe someday I’ll do choir,” he added.

Marco Island Academy is pleased in welcoming Mr. Brandon Swope to the staff lineup.