Teacher Feature: Mrs. Howard


Lily Braun, Features Editor

This year, Mrs. Koch, one of the math teachers at MIA, was promoted to the assistant principal position. This exciting development left a hole in the Math Department. Luckily, Mrs. Howard was thrilled to step into the position and brought a fresh, fiery passion for teaching.  

Mrs. Howard is an Indiana native and attended Indiana University. She says she always knew that she wanted to teach, so naturally she majored in education. Mrs. Howard started her career teaching at an elementary school. As she has continued her career, she has grown into a very qualified educator, teaching students ranging from kindergarten to college level classes. 

At the start of her career, she was employed as an Early Intervention Developmental Specialist. Then she went on to work for the ARC of Allen County, where she facilitated parents and their children who suffered from disabilities. 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard have been happily married for 27 years and have two daughters, Ciera and Kala. They moved to Florida in hopes that the warm climate would ease their daughter’s medical condition. Mrs. Howard said, “I don’t know why we chose Estero, but it’s very nice, and we are happy.” Both of her children attend FGCU as graduate students. 

Mrs. Howard hopes to impact her students in all aspects of life, “emotionally, socially, as well as academically.” Mrs. Howard feels comfortable in her experience as a teacher and looks forward to the family-like environment here at MIA.

Mrs. Howard has always wanted to help people. It was between nursing or teaching and she knew she  “wouldn’t do well with the sight of blood,” so she became a teacher. After teaching for so long, Mrs. Howard hopes to find her “love for teaching back again” and is truly excited to continue her career here at MIA. 

We are honored to observe how Mrs. Howard continues to shape her students into scholars and better people. She is already an integral part of our staff and is sure to accomplish great things.