Robbie’s Sus Reviews

Robbie's Sus Reviews

Robbie Davis, Staff Writer

At this point, you’ve at least heard the words, “Among Us” a few times. For those who don’t know, Among Us is a game that can be played on Android, PC, and iOS. When playing, you assume one of two roles. The first of which is the role of a crewmate. With this role, you try to complete tasks, all while trying to figure out who the imposter is. The second role is that of the imposter, which boils down to trying to kill everyone else while avoiding suspicion. 

The premise is simple, but this game has attracted millions of players. The main part of the game features a meeting where you must communicate with your other crewmates to try and decide who the imposter is.


The game has been out for 2 years now. Its popularity skyrocketed during the summer and fall of this year due to Twitch, an entertainment platform, hosting streamers with a large following. This is quite common when it comes to video games and is typically what determines a game’s overall popularity and success. This success and the community add to the overall experience of the game.

Overall gameplay: 

Being the imposter means that you can sabotage and kill other players. Sabotage is when an imposter views the map and either closes doors or causes a life-threatening event to occur. The game allows you to jump into vents and quickly navigate around the map when you are the imposter.

Oftentimes, when someone has faked a task or lied about their location, players will type in the chat, sus. That short word will set off a line of communication in which a player has to defend themselves while directing blame onto others. The game itself is simple but fun, and most people who have played it can attest to that. 

The game has easy to learn controls and simple graphics; almost anyone can play it. The controls themselves are as easy as can be, you use “w” “a” “s” “d” on a PC and use the touchpad on a phone. 

Completing tasks is where the game gets a little complicated. The game doesn’t explicitly tell you what to do. The lack of explanation contributes to my main criticism of this gameplay. 


The graphics themselves are simple but effective. They provide a cartoonish view of the game which only adds to its loveability. Due to its simple graphics, most devices can play the game without issue. The simple cartoons have become a symbol for this game and have become recognizable to almost all gamers. The simple yet amazing graphics allows for Among Us to be a simple yet aesthetically pleasing game.

This game earns a 4/5 on the Ray scale: There are slight bugs and the often overwhelming toxicity in a lobby can be too much for players. Many fall in love with this game because of the fun cartoonish graphics and the easy to learn concept. “Among Us” is a great starter game and has introduced an immense number of new gamers to the community.