COVID 19 Epidemic Marco Island: How do you feel about how it was handled?


Chris Lewandowski, Staff Writer

Julian Totten – 16 Student, Musician

“The Covid 19 Epidemic was reasonably handled, all the precautions were taken. The only problem is the amount of people that you’d encounter in public areas, but that’s not up to the government to decide”

Jeff Dawson – 55 Entrepreneur

“It was a totally new experience for everyone and with the lack of past history to draw upon I believe it was handled fairly well”

John Blake – 51 Dive Instructor

“I wish they wouldn’t have closed the beaches but I understand they had to because people are stupid”

Anella Brown –  69 Retired

“I feel that Marco Island has done an exemplary job of handling the Covid 19 pandemic. They have been both responsible in keeping the citizens safe as well as considering the needs of the businesses. The citizens as a whole have been doing their part as well.”

Brian Riz – 60 Musician

“The locals and full time residents seem to get it, respect it, and take precautions but the tourists coming in as things begin to open up have been completely disrespectful of the virus and do not care about social distancing.”