Top 5 Exotic Pets Seen Within Marco Island Florida


Emma Coppola, Environmental Editor

Top 5 Exotic Pets Seen Within Marco Island Florida – Emma Coppola

Pet animals are a human’s best friend that don’t leave your side. Living in such a tropical and desired location, what more does someone need than the company of their very own pet? A lot of animals are seen around Marco, and I’m not just talking about dogs. Throughout my time of living here, I have noticed a number of exotic animals through neighbors, friends, and just the occasional bystander you pass at the park. You wouldn’t exactly name any of these animals off the top of your head when naming certain creatures in your county; that’s what makes Marco Island a mystical place you can’t wrap your brain around. 

  1. Parrots 

I have seen more people owning parrots on this island than I have seen ever in my life. It’s understandable when you come to think of it. A tropical place wouldn’t be completed without a tropical pet. To be completely honest, parrots aren’t as boring as other animals. I can fathom how a pet that can talk back is the dream come true for people, that aspect can bring spice to any household environment. Would I bring home a parrot to my house from the pet store? Not exactly. I’m more of the dog type, but at the end of the day, do whatever you need to do to float your boat. 

  1. Reptiles 

Have you ever strolled down the sidewalk and saw someone walking their lizard? Me neither….oh wait, yes I have. Yes, it’s true, among myself and some of my other classmates, I have seen people walking their pet lizard outside for a light exercise. Don’t mistake me though, I am nowhere near against the thought of walking your pet lizard outside, at the end of the day it wouldn’t hurt any animal to get their daily steps in. On a serious note, lizards are a great pet to have here on Marco Island because of the year long sunshine, and fresh produce that can be found in any grocery store nearby. You can own any reptile here including a bearded dragon, chameleon, gecko, turtle, oh and don’t forget the python. 

  1. Chinchillas 

When coming to think about the idea of owning a chinchilla, the thought of a hamster or a guinea pig probably comes to mind. Chinchillas are small, little furballs that are a lot like these types of pets, although they come at a bigger price than those little guys. You won’t see people walking their chinchillas as often as their lizards, but they do get some heart thumping exercise within their cage on their wheels. 

  1. Fish 

Fish are a very common pet you can find in any animal owner’s home, but south from the goldfish territory, Marco Island has some unique option to choose from. Any fish finatic could think that living right across the street from the Gulf of Mexico is a dream come true. The fish that can be purchased could be anywhere from the classic delta guppy to the red tailed shark. Of course, snails are a big option in the aquatic pet industry and most Floridians pack as many fish as they can in their indoor marina tanks for many ‘oos’ ‘ and “ahs’ that come from visitors gazing at their scally friend collection. Nemo and Dory would be so proud. 

  1. Horses 

Last but not least, horses is another big one I see a lot of the time coming back to Marco Island. Even though this animal isn’t exactly seen on my set location, I still think that it’s a necessary animal to bring up in this topic. When I first moved here in the summer of 2016, the animal that I first saw where my mouth dropped was a horse. Someone was casually riding their horse on one of the backroads. This horse looked like a regular farm horse but instead, it was a ride for someone on a Sunday night. A lot of farms are found right off of the island. In those areas, most of the land is free range and owned for local crop growing and barn raising. The horses are safely kept there and are a friendly pet for a family owned barn to ride and grow up within the warm sun of Florida.