A Surprise Visitor

Chris Lewandowski, Staff Writer

On Thursday, January 30th, the Marco Island Academy Key Club started their weekly meeting the same as every other past meeting–until an announcement was made that they had a special guest.

The MIA Key Club had recently attended a Marco Island Columbiettes dinner hosted by an organization that fundraises money to help support people in need in our local community. 

Throughout this dinner, the Key Club supplied the organization with 12 volunteers to help them to serve dinner, dessert, and to help clear plates.

 With the help of the Key Club, the organization was able to raise money to help fight hunger. 

The special guest was very appreciative of the volunteers’ work and all of the dinner’s attendees loved them so much that they presented Key Club with a donation of $500 to help keep funding the club. 

This Saturday, the MIA Key Club will also be attending the Souper Bowl hosted at Mackle Park where they will be helping sell and serve bowls of soup.