Play Ball!

Hunter Delgado, Staff Writer


MIA’s 2020 boys Baseball varsity team is looking extremely promising this year. 

After a jam-packed tryout, 16 made the cut. This year’s team consists of many returning players, seniors, and some new faces.

 The team’s newcomers are Johnny Watt, Zach Ferroh, Shamus Coyle, Allan Borges, Matty Grabyill, Jack Creedon, Ben Macko, and Colby Chute. 

For returning players we have: Andrew B, Tyler C, and Connor R. 

Last but not least, the returning seniors are Dominic Moller, Ryan Gangyl, Michael Lacava, Hunter Delgado, and Landon McLain. 

This year’s team has worked harder than any of our past baseball teams already. With preseason practices, two to three hour-long practices almost every night, and weekend practice, this year is looking extremely hopeful.