There Is a Spamalot More To Come From Ryan Sullivan


Emma Coppola, Environmental Editor

Ryan Sullivan, a student, actor, director, etc. is a 17-year-old who not only has been acting since a young age but recently directed his own play. He is an active senior at Marco Island Academy who has been in acting roles since MIA’s first play: Willy Wonka. 


This past summer, Sullivan directed a play, Spamalot, that was a summer camp for children wanting to further strive in theatre. He offered this camp above Marco Office Supply on Bald Eagle Drive. There was an age range that went from ages 8 through 14. The three-week acting summer camp gave the chance for young children to learn about certain theater specifics including costumes, props, singing, dancing, improv, comedic timing, and dramatics; plus a free professional headshot photo. Each rehearsal lasted from 9 AM to 5 PM. The performance of Spamalot took place at Marco Island’s Wesley United Methodist Church. 


Ryan Sullivan’s background experience in acting is astounding; he has been in 40 plays. The certain play that changed him from actor to inspired actor was “The Battlefield of Brotherhood.” He says, “it changed me in 2017. It was an original by Geana Sis Borrow, a play about the civil war. I played my first noncomedic role being a villain; it was very difficult.” 


He’s been acting since a young age. “It all started eleven years ago,” he said. “I was sitting on the floor of my mom’s room. She was reading the newspaper–because it was 2009. Then, she found an ad for the Parks Departments; they were going to be doing Willy Wonka. My mom asked if I wanted to be in the play, and I said sure. I want to be an Oompa Loompa, and then I was an Oompa Loompa. I didn’t fall in love with it yet, but I knew that I liked doing it.”


 His own directing career started recently. “I was in a summer camp and I realized I don’t enjoy how this is run, too many cooks in the kitchen. There were about nine directors. I’ve always loved Monty Python growing up, and they are comedians from England. When I found out Spamalot existed, I was like ‘there’s the show.’” 


He’s currently working on Marco Island Academy’s latest musical production “Into The Woods.” His role is the Mysterious Man. He’s also continuing directing, where he recently co-directed another play, “Pickle Posse,” this past November. Another play he’s working on is one he’s fully directing– “A Veggie Tales Musical.” Collier County will soon see much more work from Ryan Sullivan.