New Art Class

Chastity Miller, Staff Writer

A unique aspect of Marco Island Academy is that it is always introducing new classes to help students possibly find their passion. Mr. Robert Eder, who has taught at MIA for eight years and has been teaching for thirty-two years, is excited to bring a new class to the school: “Art Literature.”

Mr. Eder has also always wanted to teach a class similar to his own expertise. As each year goes on, he strives to make each class more unique and special than in the previous year.

Art Literature is going to help the kids who need a little boost to help with their reading and to give them a chance to better themselves in a fun and enticing way. The curriculum consists of reading a novel and then learning to “read” the book in a visual manner.

The ultimate goal of the class is to help kids “see” novels. In other words, the class will learn how to look at literature in a more visual way in order to better comprehend what they’re reading and learning. All in all, he wants students to realize the full potential that he sees in them. He hopes that this class will serve as an epiphany to kids that love to read.