Weird Beard Cleared


Madison Kutella, Staff Writer

For Marco Island Academy’s students, seeing English teacher Michael Butler without his beard was a crazy thought. However, as April came to an end, MIA’s students were expecting the annual prom that every upperclassmen has looked forward to since they were freshman. To lower the cost of prom, MIA’s student government association held a fundraiser to raise the money needed to give the students the most incredible prom that they have been waiting for.

The fundraiser consisted of giving each student the chance to cut off Butler’s beard by purchasing tickets. Throughout the week, the fundraiser continued with the end goal being that people who got picked would each get to cut off a section of Butler’s beard. This would take place at the pep rally occurring that Friday. Whichever two students’ names got drawn randomly out of a hat would be the ones to go along with two random members of the admin team.

As the day of the pep rally came close, students waited excitedly to find out who would be the lucky ones chosen to take off a piece of Butler’s beloved beard. Finally, as the end of the the school day that Friday drew near, the pep rally began; it was time to announce the winners. It’s safe to say that freshman Yessenia Martinez-Hernandez speaks for everyone when she says, “During the pep rally, the whole school was really excited just to see what Mr. Butler would look like without his beard.” After much anticipation, the winners were announced. Receptionist Maegan Carr and Dean of Students, Kevin Ray were chosen alongside sophomore Johnny Watt and senior Emma Snow. Each one took their turn to render Mr. Butler beardless that afternoon.

The fundraiser was a success; Mr. Butler’s beard raised over two hundred dollars for MIA’s prom. The dance was a red carpet affair theme held on Saturday May 4th and the students and staff enjoyed themselves. Some people say they don’t like beards, but after Mr. Butler’s saved the prom, I guess you could say it really grew on them.